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The Benefits of White Label Prepaid Cards

Today's consumers have more options than ever when it comes to managing their money. Instead of getting paid by check or cash, which they then deposit into a bank account, many people opt to get paid via a reloadable prepaid card. Prepaid cards give people instant access to money. They…

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Travel and Expense Cards for Traveling Teams

Handling expenses for traveling teams can feel overly complicated. With prepaid travel and expense (T&E) cards, you can feel confident about how your team uses company funds. Consider the benefits these cards have for your financial reporting. The Financial Challenges of a Traveling Team When you manage a workforce that…

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Benefits of Merchant-Funded Rewards Cards

As cashback rewards and points systems become steadily less appealing to cardholders, merchant-funded rewards (MFRs) offer a fresh way to keep customers interested. How do merchant incentive programs work, and what makes them more effective than points systems? Hydrogen provides a brief explanation as to how merchant incentive programs can…

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Gig Economy Rapid Payouts

Mobile connectivity has been instrumental in the rise of hustle culture. This trend encourages workers to succeed in their workplaces and use their free time for side jobs. Often, people add gig work to their schedule or choose these jobs over traditional nine-to-fives.  Gig work is attractive for several reasons,…

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Hydrogen listed as a Transformer in aperture’s Digital Age Wealth Management Report

We are excited to announce that Hydrogen has been listed as a Transformer in aperture’s Digital Age Wealth Management report!  Aperture is a strategic consulting firm headquartered in Switzerland, who specializes in strategy and go-to-market services for digital-age businesses.  Their wealth management report provides 150+ pages of in-depth information about…

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Advantages of Per Diem Cards

Is your business looking for a better way to reimburse your employees' business expenses? Per diem prepaid cards are a secure and user-friendly solution for many employers. What Does "Per Diem" Mean? The Latin phrase "per diem" translates to "per day." This concept has two meanings in today's business world:…

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4 Benefits of Virtual Cards

Virtual credit and debit cards are modern alternatives for safe and simple spending. These mobile payment solutions allow users to spend money from their phones instead of using a physical card. Virtual cards are particularly popular with financial service companies looking to gain competitive traction in the industry. However, they…

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What is a Purchasing Card (P-Card)?

Businesses tend to use traditional purchasing and reimbursement processes for employees who need to make business purchases. However, many of these methods are tedious and inconvenient. P cards are a much more convenient and flexible method that can be used by employees who need to make business-related purchases for items…

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