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Top 10 Money Management Apps

As we’ve talked about before, managing your personal finances is extremely important. There are several personal financial management (PFM) apps available today that make tracking and analyzing finances a breeze. Below we cover some of the most popular ones for money management. These are listed based on the number of…

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Popular Challenger Banks in Canada

The five largest banks in Canada have an estimated 90% of the total market share. Challenger banks are looking to change that. Challenger banks based outside of Canada, like Revolut, are finding success, and the traditional banks are taking notice. With an already thriving fintech scene in Canada, traditional Canadian…

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15 Popular Budgeting Applications

When managing your personal finances, one of the most important things you can do is set a budget. Budgets establish spending limits to help you get, or stay, on track with your finances. There are a ton of great budgeting apps available today and below are just a few of…

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How Banks & Fintechs Are Using PFM

The average person has multiple financial accounts to juggle, from credit cards, to mortgages, and checking accounts. These days, an individual's personal finances are often a complex web. Keeping track of the various strands of the web is essential for reaching financial goals and achieving financial stability. Personal financial management…

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How White Label Banking Is Changing Fintech

Financial technology (fintech) companies are coming up with innovative ways to help people and businesses manage their money. As of February 2020, there were 8,775 fintech startups in North America. Fintechs are playing an increasingly significant role in the financial world. For instance, fintechs now grant well over a third…

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The Top 20 Challenger Banks

Challenger banks are online, internet, or digital banks. They are competing against more traditional, incumbent banks, which is where they get the name “challenger” from. These challenger banks are hard at work across the world, using digital technology to disrupt traditional banking business models and streamline retail or small business…

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Prepaid Card Regulations

What does someone do if they want or need to pay with a card, but they don't have a checking account and don't have the credit history to open a credit card account? What about people who don't want to have access to all their funds with a single swipe…

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