4 Benefits of Business Expense Cards | Hydrogen
4 Benefits of Business Expense Cards with Hydrogen

4 Benefits of Business Expense Cards with Hydrogen

Business expense cards are prepaid debit or credit cards that allow companies to better control their spending habits. This spend management tool is an excellent alternative to traditional company cards, offering a convenient mobile solution that enables cardholders to access funds without the hassle of passing around one physical debit card. Prepaid business cards offer benefits like spending limits, payment logging, and the complete elimination of employee expense reports.

You can enjoy the convenience and customization capabilities of expense management cards at Hydrogen. We offer benefits that no other platform can, helping organizations meet rising industry expectations with innovative financial tools and solutions. 

Challenges With Current Business Expense Solutions

Company cards have been a staple of business expense management for decades — but that doesn’t mean they’re a practical or efficient solution for company spending. 

Often, an entire organization has to share a single credit or debit card, forcing employees to spend their own money and file lengthy expense reports when they can’t access the company account. Corporate cards also pose serious fraud risks and don’t allow for visibility or spend control.

Benefits of Business Expense Cards With Hydrogen 

There’s a better way to manage your company’s finances. Hydrogen offers employee expense cards that eliminate the inconveniences and risks associated with standard company cards. Our mobile spending solutions allow all corporate employees to access company funds without the hassle. 

Hydrogen Cards come with many innovative features that will optimize the way you manage your expenses.

Get 1% Cashback

When you use our prepaid business cards, you’ll enjoy up to 1% cashback on every purchase you make. Very few companies offer cashback opportunities with their debit expense cards, making Hydrogen one of the few solutions that allow you to make money as you spend.


Most company expense cards are co-branded, which means they bear the logos of the company issuing the card and the business using it. We set ourselves apart with full white-labeling abilities that allow businesses to customize their card design, using their own brand name, symbols, and colors.

Spending Controls

With our corporate expense cards, you can set controls limiting how much each individual can spend on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Preapproved spending ensures that your employees make smart financial decisions and limits excess expenditures, ultimately saving your company money.

User Interface Applications

Hydrogen expense management cards come with user interface (UI) applications that allow for seamless mobile or web interaction. These UI components make for a more simplified and user-friendly design that leads to a positive user experience.

Prepaid Business Cards for Any Industry

Corporate expense cards have proven to benefit businesses across diverse workforces and industries. Whether you work in financial services, marketing, public relations, or anything in between, you can take advantage of the convenience and efficiency of prepaid expense cards.

Cards for Companies With Traveling Sales Forces

For traveling sales representatives in industries like software, equipment, and financial services, expense reports are practically unavoidable. It’s impossible to take the company credit card on the move during lengthy business trips, making personal spending with complex reimbursement forms the only option.

With expense management cards, even the most mobile employees can use company funds without taking money out of their own bank accounts. Hydrogen Cards come with an easy-to-use app that allows employers to control expenses at the merchant level, manage branding, and earn cashback on all debit purchases. 

Cards for Companies With Branches, Subsidiaries, or Divisions

Businesses with various divisions tend to be relatively spread out geographically, making it difficult to track spending across multiple subsidiaries and impossible to share a company credit card. This issue is particularly relevant for companies like professional services and restaurants. 

With Hydrogen Cards, you can ensure that every branch has access to company funds with smart spending controls and cashback opportunities.

HR and Office Manager Cards

Small businesses, retail stores, and professional service providers often require company spending that goes through HR consultants and office managers who have to spend time approving expenses.

Business expense cards allow executives and employees alike to utilize company funds rather than focusing the responsibility on one or two managers. Through Hydrogen, you can request funds instantly while getting cashback on expenses.

Marketing and Agency Cards

Agencies and marketing companies in public relations, media, ad-buying, and other creative fields often have to spend time tracking expenses and submitting approvals for company spending.

These organizations can save time and energy by using prepaid cards to control spending and instantly reload expense accounts. This capability makes it easier for these organizations to make intelligent purchasing decisions and seamlessly manage and replenish funds with the push of a button.

Fleet Cards

Transportation, logistics, and delivery companies no longer have to worry about whether or not their company cards are being used to purchase fuel, or something else. With Hydrogen Cards, you can ensure money is only spent on fuel for company vehicles. You can control spending at rest stops and gas stations, and manage spending via an admin portal. You can even earn cash back or save on each gallon purchased.

Sign up for Business Expense Cards With Hydrogen

You can optimize your workplace spending with Hydrogen employee expense cards. Our innovative and easy-to-use financial technology provides companies with the resources they need to thrive in any industry.

Sign up for Hydrogen access today to gain access to our expense management solutions.     


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