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4 Ways to Better Engage Your Customers

4 Ways to Better Engage Your Customers

While more and more business is taking place behind a screen, interacting, and engaging with customers is more important than ever. Consumers crave a connection with the brands they do business with, and if you can’t provide a connection or valuable experience, they’ll look elsewhere. Effectively engaging with potential and existing customers is beneficial for your bottom line, customer retention, and sales success. 

If you’re looking for innovative ways to better engage with your customers and keep them coming back, Hydrogen can help. Our expertise and innovative platform make customer engagement more manageable.

What Is Customer Engagement?

Customer engagement involves interacting with your customers through various channels — email, community forums, social media, websites, and more — to build and strengthen your relationship with them. The process of engaging with customers usually begins with an initial connection, and the interaction continues well beyond any purchases. Customer engagement offers your customers something valuable in addition to your services or products. Your products will attract customers in the first place, and engaging with them will help improve your customer retention. 

Engaging with your customers and creating an experience for them is crucial — many customers rank their experiences with your company as high as the importance of your products and services. To foster a deeper relationship between your customers and your brand, use customer engagement tools like storytelling and ongoing conversations to address and meet customer interests and needs. As you build your customer engagement plan, you’ll be able to find strategies that work for your unique brand and customers.

4 Customer Engagement Strategies

There are numerous ways to interact with and engage customers, especially in our increasingly digital world. Consider some of these common customer engagement strategies that help brands create a meaningful experience and build customer loyalty.

1. Interact With Customers on Social Media

Social media has become one of the most important marketing strategies for companies in all industries. The average person spends over two hours per day on social media sites, giving your brand plenty of time and space to connect with them. As you share content to attract new and existing customers to your products and services, ensure you also create conversations between your brand and your current customers, as well as between prospects. Responding to comments and messages, liking posts, and interacting with your customers’ social media are great ways to engage with your customers in a setting where they’re comfortable. You may also consider creating a space where customers are encouraged to interact with each other, fostering a sense of community associated with your brand.

2. Provide Valuable Content

Consumers love to be entertained, and one of the best ways of entertaining is through storytelling. You can provide valuable entertainment for your customers through videos that demonstrate your products and services or showcase your brand, mission, or values. Use these aspects of your company to create stories that will resonate with your customers and prove to be valuable. Consumers also find personalized content valuable and often seek it out in the brands they choose to do business with. Personalizing entertainment for your customers helps them feel recognized and catered to.

3. Be Highly Responsive

Excellent customer service goes a long way toward creating a positive customer experience and engaging with customers. When customers reach out or inquire about a product or service, it’s essential to be highly responsive. This requirement means responding in a timely manner with solutions and valuable conversation that allows you to connect with your customers. Solving their problems or concerns — or making your best effort to do so — will help your brand foster more positive interactions.

4. Focus on Boosting Retention

As you engage with your customers, consider how you can boost your customer retention. Online interactions are a start, and customer loyalty programs are a way to take those interactions a step further to keep your customers coming back. Loyalty programs reward and incentivize customers to do business with you and make repeat purchases. This opportunity is an excellent way for brands to interact with their customers while encouraging repeat sales to boost retention.

How to Effectively Engage With Customers Through Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are effective ways of engaging with customers through highly personal and entertaining rewards. Using loyalty programs as one of your customer engagement tools allows you to create a unique experience for your customers that will encourage them to keep spending money on your products or services. Here are a few ways you can use loyalty programs to engage your customers effectively:

  • Exclusive offers: Offering exclusive discounts, products, or services to your loyalty program members is a great opportunity to create a sense of community and tailor your brand to those who have stayed loyal. Loyalty customers will feel special that they get offers that are available to no one else, and these deals can even encourage others to become program members. 
  • Early access to sales and products: If you’re releasing a new product or service or intend to hold a sale, consider offering early access to your loyalty program members. This perk shows that you’re thinking of them first and granting them access to something that the general public lacks. If they’re already loyal to your brand, they’ll appreciate having special access to your company.
  • Tiered statuses: Incorporating tiered statuses in your loyalty program encourages customers to work their way up to higher levels. As they spend money and move up the tiers, the customer benefits and receives better rewards, incentivizing them to get to the top. One way to keep customers moving through the levels is to notify them when they’re within range of moving up. Notifications can prompt new and longtime customers to make a purchase that will push them to the next level. 

Your success with customer engagement factors into how well you can retain customers. Make a loyalty program part of your engagement strategy to help boost both your engagement and retention.

Build Your Engagement Strategy Using Hydrogen Loyalty Card Programs

As you build your customer engagement plan, be sure to consider the tools we suggested here, like loyalty cards. With Hydrogen rewards debit cards, you can increase your sales by 30% or more, all while engaging your customers through exclusive spending rewards. Use our cards to create ongoing loyalty programs and reward your customers directly from the Hydrogen portal. 

Sign up for Hydrogen to begin customizing loyalty programs for your brand and engaging with your customers in a new and exciting way! Our team will provide more information about our products and features.


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