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5 Ways to Use eCommerce Gift Cards for Loyalty

5 Ways to Use eCommerce Gift Cards for Loyalty

Gift card benefits for customers can make a huge difference in how much they shop on your eCommerce site. Encouraging loyalty leads to more success for your business, so you want customers to keep coming back. Below are five ways you can use a gift card loyalty program to keep customers interested in your products.

1. Build Gift Cards into Your Loyalty Program

It’s standard for eCommerce sites to have loyalty programs for their customers, but what about building gift cards into your offerings? You might have a point or discount system when customers spend a specific amount on your site. Gift cards can encourage people, just like discounts. Send customers a gift card on their birthday or celebrate their anniversary of joining your loyalty program.

2. Create a Social Media Contest

Social media platforms are excellent places to build brand loyalty and capture potential customers’ attention. If you run an eCommerce site, you probably use sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to keep people invested in your business and encourage sales. What’s something people never turn down? Free money is the most attractive incentive available.

Starting a social media contest with a gift card prize will excite current customers and people who’ve never heard of your site. If you run a giveaway on Instagram and ask people to tag two friends to enter the drawing, you may gain two new customers. 

Someone who may have been vaguely interested in your business before will suddenly have a reason to look at your products. What’s more, the promise of free money will bring new followers to your social media pages.

3. Push a Purchase for Items Left in the Cart

Customers leaving things in their cart can be bad for your business. When you receive the notification for unpurchased items, use it to your advantage. Send your customer a $5 gift card. They were already thinking about buying something for your site, and the gift card gives them the perfect reason to go through with the purchase.

4. Include a Discount

We know that people love to receive free money, and they need to save money. What if you combined those goals? As a promotional tactic, you can give out gift cards to your customers and promise a 15% discount as a reward for their next purchase. This setup encourages people to shop from your store on two different occasions, putting more money in your pocket.

5. Encourage Last-Minute Holiday Shoppers

People frantically scour websites for gifts around the holidays, making it an excellent time to send out gift cards. When loyal customers receive a gift card in their email right before the holidays, your store seems like the right place to shop for presents. It’s ridiculous for most people to waste a good deal when they already planned on spending money. 

Innovate With Hydrogen

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