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Advantages of Per Diem Cards

Advantages of Per Diem Cards

Is your business looking for a better way to reimburse your employees’ business expenses? Per diem prepaid cards are a secure and user-friendly solution for many employers.

What Does “Per Diem” Mean?

The Latin phrase “per diem” translates to “per day.” This concept has two meanings in today’s business world:

  • Reimbursements for an employee’s work-related travel expenses
  • A preset amount of compensation for a single day’s work

For our purposes, we’ll focus on the first meaning. 

Various restrictions apply to which expenses qualify for “per diem” reimbursements or coverage. For example, this category cannot include transportation and mileage costs. In most cases, valid expenses include lodging, meals, and various incidental costs.

What Are Per Diem Cards?

Per diem cards are prepaid credit cards that businesses use to set their employees’ budget limits. Instead of collecting receipts and requiring your employees to submit them to receive reimbursements, workers can use their pre-loaded funds for approved expenses. 

While there are alternatives for funding employees’ business expenses, per diem cards are a popular solution because of their unique features and benefits. 


Reloadable per diem cards for employees have various features that make them an attractive option for companies that are unsatisfied with other methods. When your business issues per diem cards, you can:

  • Set budgets for individual employees or teams in advance.
  • Make restrictions based on merchant and purchase categories.
  • Transfer funds instantly. 
  • Capture receipts for all purchases on the card automatically.
  • Turn each card on or off at any time. 


Implementing per diem virtual cards maximizes the benefits your company and your employees receive.

  • Assign new cards to employees instantly
  • Simplify budget management, so there’s no need for receipts, paperwork, and reimbursements
  • Eliminate the need for personal data collection
  • Find a more effective solution than sharing company cards

How to Use Per Diem Cards at Your Business

Employees who make frequent purchases or incur expenses are the best candidates for per diem cards. Choose those who travel for meetings, perform work in the field, or have verifiable cause to use your company’s funds. 

Consider how much each employee or team can spend and how they can use their funds when you put constraints on the cards. You can create a budget for an entire team or set different limits for individual cardholders. Then, decide which companies and purchase categories you want to allow. Common restrictions include letting your employees charge meals at restaurants, but not bars. 

You can also set expiration dates for funds to ensure employees only use their cards within the specified time constraints.

How Hydrogen Can Help

At Hydrogen, we offer companies a platform for rapid development and implementation of financial applications. Our resources make it possible for your team to build the solutions you need quickly, and at a lower cost. What’s more, we manage our platform’s security and application programming interface. When you use our services to develop your applications, our skills and expertise can benefit your company, employees, and clients. 

Request access to our platform to develop your per diem card solution today!


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