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Benefits of Bundling Everything In Your Card Program Together

Benefits of Bundling Everything In Your Card Program Together

Developing a debit card program is more popular than ever among business leaders seeking a safer and simpler way to make purchases. Before you set up your card program, you need to determine which features to include. If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to monetize your user base, offer rewards, and increase customer loyalty, consider the benefits of bundling everything in your card program together. 

Features You Need to Set Up a Card Program

With our bundled platform, Hydrogen can make the process of adding debit cards to your business easy and seamless. You won’t need coding skills or deal with third-party legal contracts and the integration of complex workflows.


At Hydrogen, we keep your customers’ financial data secure with world-class security measures. Some of these features include:

  • Cloud security
  • PCI certification
  • Encrypted data
  • Secure authentication
  • Industry-leading testing
  • CCPA and SOC2 compliance

All of our debit cards come issued with a unique PIN that the cardholders set, including tokenized and virtual cards added to the Apple, Google, Amazon, or Samsung wallets.


Our platform integrates with various networks, processors, banks, ACH, KYC, and rewards APIs. With our integrations, you won’t need extra development or contracts, and we’re the only embedded finance platform that doesn’t refer you to third parties for contract negotiations, development work, and API keys. The following is included in our SaaS fee:

  • SMS
  • Email
  • KYC
  • ACH
  • Bank auth
  • Data vault
  • Card printing
  • P2C and RTP
  • Card network
  • Sponsor bank
  • Direct deposit
  • Card processor
  • Data cleansing
  • Reward networks
  • Retail cash networks

Debit ACH and Direct Deposit

With our bank authentication and fully integrated ACH, you can increase deposits in your debit card program. You can pay out paychecks and tips to employees on physical or virtual cards and enable Demand Deposit Accounts (DDAs), such as the automation of payroll direct deposit switching. Our additional deposit features include:

  • Payroll analytics
  • Cardholder ACH
  • Payroll integration
  • Bank authentication
  • CSV and admin loads
  • Embeddable no-codes
  • Dollar or percentage pay
  • Contractor and employee payouts

Debit Cards and Virtual Wallets

With Hydrogen Wallet’s embeddable, no-code applications, your business can issue virtual, tokenized, and physical debit cards. You can both earn revenue with every swipe and avoid hidden fees, minimums, and lockups. Within our SaaS platform, we manage more than 40 processes and programs, including the card network, bank sponsor, and processor. Embeddable components include:

  • Card Image
  • Card Admin
  • Card Funding
  • Card Controls
  • Card Balance
  • Card Issuance
  • Card Spending
  • Card Activation
  • Card Statements
  • Card Transactions

Debit Spending Controls and Analysis

With this feature, you can add spending controls on debit card transactions at a cardholder or program-wide level. You can add budgeting, spending, and cash flow analysis to any program and cleanse and categorize transactions. You can use our spend engine at any sponsor bank and processor. Our spend features include:

  • Budgeting
  • Spending analysis
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Merchant cleansing
  • Card spend controls
  • Financial calculators
  • Business intelligence
  • Program spend controls
  • Transaction limit checks
  • Transaction categorization
  • Transaction authorization
  • Embeddable no-code apps

Debit Rewards and Disbursements

Finally, you can also create custom reward programs with automated disbursements and configurable rules. Cardholders can earn as much as 10 times more when they spend within our rewards network of more than 100 merchants. We standardize, cleanse, and analyze data, which makes it easy to add robust rewards features for any debit card program. Reward features of our debit card program include:

  • Card linked
  • Thresholds
  • Notifications
  • Data cleansing
  • Custom periods
  • Program funded
  • Merchant funded
  • Spending boosts
  • Merchant loyalty
  • Instant bonuses
  • Pending tracking
  • Referral bonuses
  • Balance incentives
  • Business intelligence
  • Embeddable no-code UI
  • Merchant Category Codes 
  • Automated disbursements
  • Custom merchant reporting

Benefits of Bundled Plans

At Hydrogen, our platform has reached 200 card programs. When you choose our bundled plans, you’ll enjoy the following benefits, including significant time and cost savings and integrated APIs:

  • Time and cost savings: When you choose a bundled plan from Hydrogen, you can experience huge savings on both time and money. Our single, all-inclusive price comes with low minimums and no setup fees. If you have a sizeable workforce, these cards can help streamline processes and save your company money and time. By connecting cards to workers’ earnings, you automate the payment process and avoid paying for paper checks.
  • Revenue stream: Additionally, cards can help you develop another stream of revenue. You may get the fee charged from a user withdrawing cash from an ATM or a portion of the sale whenever someone uses the card for a purchase.
  • Integrated APIs: Bundled in our products are dozens of integrated APIs. When it comes to development time, this can save you thousands of hours. 
  • Embedded finance simplified: Hydrogen is a simplified form of embedded finance. We offer all the legal, compliance, vendor integration, and KYB/KYC you need in one package. We’ve done everything for you, allowing you to fund cards via ACH and payroll. 
  • Speedy launch: Our platform lets you launch in days for a more affordable price than traditional banking programs.
  • Custom rewards: Choose the cash back offers and rewards that can help you meet your business objectives and goals. Use cash back percentages, merchant names, and spending categories to create rewards. Debit cards with rewards can increase sales.
  • Easy setup: With white labeling, you can include your logo without spending time researching and developing the best way to bring a product to market. We’ve already handled the hard work for your company.
  • Increased customer loyalty: Debit cards can increase loyalty to your company. Through the offer of rewards like cash back or points, customers are more likely to use the card to make purchases. Employees and contractors may also prefer a prepaid card option for payment instead of a direct deposit or check.

When you choose Hydrogen, you can put your brand on the cards and get the support of our technology.

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At Hydrogen, we make it easy for businesses to embed financial services through one simplified platform. Your business can take advantage of the latest and most efficient financial technology, and you can issue virtual, tokenized, and physical cards with our entirely integrated embeddable applications. Our services enable your company to greatly reduce the time and effort spent building out financial apps later down the road.

Hydrogen is the innovation platform that everyone from large enterprises to startups use to accelerate product development. With our single platform, you can develop investing, savings, insurance, wellness, lending, and credit solutions. Sign up for Hydrogen today to experience for yourself the benefits of bundling everything in a card program together.


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