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Best Practices for Loyalty Program Integration

Best Practices for Loyalty Program Integration

Loyalty programs have many benefits for the companies that offer them. In fact, these systems are so advantageous that some businesses choose to branch out and offer multiple programs. Customers receive more opportunities for greater rewards, and companies reap even more benefits. This multifaceted approach can be a sound practice as long as your loyalty programs work together. Disconnected rewards can cause confusion, as customers may not understand what they’re getting or the benefits of signing up for multiple programs. 

Ensure your rewards come from integrated loyalty systems to help your business stay on track. 

The Dangers of Disconnected Loyalty Programs

Disconnected loyalty programs pose two primary challenges:

  • Confusion: Customers enrolled in multiple loyalty programs through your brand may lose sight of what they’re building toward. If you track points in separate apps, for instance, or the rewards differ between programs, customers could become disengaged because they don’t grasp your focus. 
  • Lack of profitability: Offering discounts and rewards should benefit both your customers and your business. If your efforts are split between programs, your company may not receive sufficient rewards. 

4 Tips for Integrating Your Loyalty Program

Use these loyalty program best practices to avoid a disconnect. 

1. Focus on Onboarding 

Onboarding means welcoming customers and giving them easy-to-use, easy-to-digest information about the rewards program and the value to them. Explain why you integrated the systems and why this decision will benefit them. Consumers mostly care about how your actions impact them. They want to know if their points values have changed and how they can continue to earn loyalty rewards. Providing resources and straightforward explanations to start will proactively answer questions and prevent frustration down the line. 

2. Pull Everything Together

Offering elements that pull people from differing various programs and celebrate the overall brand will foster greater brand awareness and loyalty. You can add a gaming element, for instance, that builds awareness of other parts of your rewards program users can explore. You could also create artificial intelligence guides to walk people through your offerings and inform them of new possibilities. 

3. Offer a Single Rewards Portal

Making customers log in to multiple rewards portals could create frustration and fatigue with your brand. Instead, integrate all your loyalty programs into a single portal where customers can log in and manage all their memberships in one place. The portal should offer easy access to information on total points earned across brands and what actions the customer should take to reach a rewards tier. 

4. Explain ‘What’s in It for Me?’

The key to any successful interaction is demonstrating what the customer has to gain. You need to sell your integrated program by showing your customers why they should buy into it. Emphasize value propositions such as: 

  • Enhanced rewards that let them earn for new things or redeem points faster. 
  • Later expiration dates for points earned across platforms. 
  • Different redemption options that build on previous offerings in a new direction. 

Get Assistance With Your Loyalty Program

Do you need help integrating your loyalty systems? Our no-code card platform offers custom loyalty and rewards so that you can create a program that is right for your customers. Sign up for Hydrogen to get started. 


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