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Cards For Employee Wellness Programs

Cards For Employee Wellness Programs

In recent decades, employee wellness programs have become increasingly popular. More evidence shows that the communication, education, and supportive environment these programs provide increases employee satisfaction and general health and decreases the number of sick days and healthcare expenses.

What Is an Employee Wellness Program?

An employee wellness plan is a company’s program to help its workers improve their health and promote healthy practices. These plans of action often offer incentives like discounts and cash rewards to motivate more people to get involved.

Effective wellness programs help participants target and improve several aspects of their personal health, such as:

  • Physical: Keeping the body in shape through exercise, nutrition, sleep, and more.
  • Mental and emotional: Managing stress, processing emotions, and learning coping skills.
  • Financial: Determining financial stability, learning financial literacy, and creating a personal budget.
  • Social: Promote unity, engagement, and positive social interactions.
  • Occupational: Recognizing one’s levels of satisfaction and contentment at work and attempting to improve it, if necessary.

Although every wellness program is different and tailored to each company’s individual needs, you can expect to explore most, if not all, of these themes through an employee wellness program. Common practices in these programs include health fairs, wellness classes and challenges, disease management, and preventative screenings.

What Are the Benefits of an Employee Wellness Program?

The U.S. Department of Labor conducted research that shows these employee wellness programs effectively improve the health of participants. Wellness plans also helped control healthcare spending. When you promote healthy behaviors in the workplace, you increase your employees’ general health knowledge and provide them with a simple and affordable way to get preventative screenings, follow-up care, immunizations, and more.

While there are upfront costs to set up a program and provide these incentives, establishing a wellness program is still a cost-effective alternative to the price businesses pay for sick employees missing work and treating diseases that may have been preventable were they caught earlier.

How Are Cards Utilized in Employee Wellness Programs?

When learning how to create an employee wellness program, you’ll begin to recognize the importance of incorporating health into your company’s financial services. With the right card — and the right company behind it — you can customize your wellness program to include incentives that encourage your employees to participate. For example, many wellness programs include incentive discounts on healthcare deductibles and copays, as well as discounts on other qualified health-related expenses.

Use Hydrogen to Issue Cards for Your Employee Wellness Program

The Hydrogen card will teach you how to measure employee wellness and reward it quickly to keep morale high with our fully built and configurable embeddable apps. You’ll also be able to connect to numerous banks and financial institutions to manage your discounts and reward incentives, no matter who your employees bank with. 

With Hydrogen Cards, you can manage these incentives and so much more, all in one convenient place. Sign up with Hydrogen and start an employee wellness program today.


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