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Hydrogen & Fintech Middleware APIs

The fintech middleware space is a maze of buzzwords and jargon. These middleware APIs were built to make hooking into a back offices easier, but they can be just as complex and daunting. Not to worry - we are here to help you navigate this tangled web of workflows and…

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Hydrogen Atom Year in Review

It was an exciting Year 2 in the development of our world-leading Hydrogen Atom platform. The Atom platform provides central data storage and orchestration, along with an analytics and calculation engine for core financial applications & components. Here is an overview of the amazing work done by our Atom product…

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Release: Molecule Version 1.2

We are excited to announce the release of version 1.2 of the Molecule API. Check the details below to find out what’s new! Molecule version 1.2 has the following updates: Transferring security tokens between user walletsTransferring currencies between user walletsTracking wallet currency balancesGlobal WhitelistingDecoupling Tokenization from CrowdsellingAdding support for webhooks The…

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Configuring the Hydrogen Platform

Did you think Hydrogen was just an API company? Thing again! There are many layers of the Hydrogen platform. This includes protocols, APIs, data infrastructure, cloud infrastructure, integration libraries, modules, components, workflows, UX, and apps. Because of these layers, clients have many configuration options on their fintech acceleration journey. To…

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Open Banking, A Global Outlook

Open banking refers to the use of open APIs that enable third-party developers to build applications and services on top of a particular financial institution or group of institutions. This is typically done via an initiative by a bank to open its APIs to third-parties and give those third-parties access…

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Hear Mike Speak About Molecule at FiNext

Our Co-Founder Mike Kane will be in sunny Orlando, Florida next week to speak at the FiNext USA 2019 Conference. Mike will be speaking about Hydrogen Molecule and how it compares to Facebook Libra. The talk will take place at 9AM on Friday, August 30th at the beautiful Hyatt Regency…

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Hydrogen’s April Product Showcase

Here is your chance to see it one more time! We did a live Youtube webinar last week with the Hydrogen All-Stars in our New York HQ. Here is what you can expect from this video: Build a dashboard UI prototype in 5 minutes using the Element React library (Rachel) Embed powerful financial…

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Introducing Hydrogen Molecule

It was an exciting 2018, as evidenced by our Year in Review. We were some of the first developers on the Hydro open-source protocols in 2018 and watched the community grow…and grow…and GROW some more! Project Hydro created their own organization & governance, GitHub, social media accounts, and elected their own officers all around…

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Atom API Overview

The Atom team provides updates on Hydrogen’s core API suite, as well as financial engineering and general architecture initiatives. Welcome to the first official update from the Atom team! Atom forms the core of the Hydrogen API suite, and it is used by developers around the world to build and…

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