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The Benefits of P2P Payments

With the rise of credit and debit card usage, fewer people have begun carrying cash with them, and many speculate cash will soon become a thing of the past. In particular, younger generations are resorting to electronic payments, online banking, and bank cards over cash. Among these cashless payment methods, peer-to-peer…

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The Rise of Crypto Debit Cards

As cryptocurrency continues its meteoric rise, it’s understandable that crypto enthusiasts are increasingly looking for easier ways to on- and off-ramp their funds. Enthusiasts and beginner investors are now storing large amounts of funds and savings in crypto. But they must often put up with a slow and costly process…

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The Importance of Spending Controls on Debit Cards

In times of rapidly developing technology and the complex nature of modern financial life, people are increasingly keen to have more independence over their money and their spending. Allowing customers to choose and implement their own spending controls on their debit cards is one of the many ways businesses can…

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Benefits of Client Funded Rewards

In a crowded market, businesses are always looking for new ways to gain and maintain customers. While standard loyalty cards are a traditional method for maintaining loyal customers, businesses are increasingly turning to more personalized and blended options for loyalty programs, such as client-funded rewards.  But how do client-funded reward…

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Branded Debit Cards for the Travel Industry

The travel industry has seen plenty of growth and changes over the past few years. The rise of the sharing economy has allowed more people to enter the industry, whether they're hosting guests in their spare rooms, leading tours, or letting people rent their boats or other vehicles. The sharing…

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