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Advantages of Per Diem Cards

Is your business looking for a better way to reimburse your employees' business expenses? Per diem prepaid cards are a secure and user-friendly solution for many employers. What Does "Per Diem" Mean? The Latin phrase "per diem" translates to "per day." This concept has two meanings in today's business world:…

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4 Benefits of Virtual Cards

Virtual credit and debit cards are modern alternatives for safe and simple spending. These mobile payment solutions allow users to spend money from their phones instead of using a physical card. Virtual cards are particularly popular with financial service companies looking to gain competitive traction in the industry. However, they…

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What is a Purchasing Card (P-Card)?

Businesses tend to use traditional purchasing and reimbursement processes for employees who need to make business purchases. However, many of these methods are tedious and inconvenient. P cards are a much more convenient and flexible method that can be used by employees who need to make business-related purchases for items…

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Company Cards: Credit vs. Prepaid

Company credit cards are a popular option businesses use to manage expenses. With these cards, your business can allow your employees to pay for work-related expenses, such as meals, office supplies, hotel stays, and transportation. However, credit cards also come with some disadvantages that you should consider before you decide…

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Secured Credit vs. Prepaid Cards

Most people learn the basics of personal financial management during adolescence from their parents or through classes at school. These lessons usually include understanding money, creating a budget, and learning the importance of saving. They also probably explained the basic differences between a debit and credit card. However, these lessons…

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Benefits of Using Ghost Cards

If you manage finances for a large business or organization, ghost card payments are the best way to monitor and control spending, oversee financial trends, and eliminate reimbursement paperwork. When you partner with a virtual card platform that offers integrated security and account control features, you can also save your…

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5 Benefits of Corporate Debit Cards for Employees

Many owners of small businesses distribute checks or petty cash to employees for normal company expenses. However, with these payment methods, a business is more susceptible to theft and fraud. Fortunately, business prepaid debit cards for employees can help you manage your company's expenses and improve your budgeting. With corporate…

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Advantages of Loyalty Cards for Businesses

If you own a small business, you know the challenges of generating revenue and competing with larger chain establishments. Luckily, you can increase sales and lock in repeat customers with loyalty programs for small businesses.  Many successful retailers offer loyalty programs with reward cards that allow customers to gain incentives…

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The Benefits of Issuing Corporate Fuel Cards

For businesses with vehicle fleets or several employees who drive as part of their job, fuel cards are essential. By using corporate fuel cards, your business can better budget for gasoline expenses and gain improved insight into how employees are spending your organization's money. At Hydrogen, our card issuing program can provide physical…

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