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Branded Debit Cards for the Travel Industry

The travel industry has seen plenty of growth and changes over the past few years. The rise of the sharing economy has allowed more people to enter the industry, whether they're hosting guests in their spare rooms, leading tours, or letting people rent their boats or other vehicles. The sharing…

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4 Strategies to Build Customer Loyalty for B2C

What drives customer loyalty? What makes people decide to favor a brand or company? If price and product selection are identical, is there any reason for customers to regularly choose one brand over another? All other factors being equal, loyalty comes from providing the sort of experience your customers are…

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Best Practices for Loyalty Program Integration

Loyalty programs have many benefits for the companies that offer them. In fact, these systems are so advantageous that some businesses choose to branch out and offer multiple programs. Customers receive more opportunities for greater rewards, and companies reap even more benefits. This multifaceted approach can be a sound practice…

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