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The Rise of Crypto Debit Cards

As cryptocurrency continues its meteoric rise, it’s understandable that crypto enthusiasts are increasingly looking for easier ways to on- and off-ramp their funds. Enthusiasts and beginner investors are now storing large amounts of funds and savings in crypto. But they must often put up with a slow and costly process…

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What is a DeFi platform?

Web3 and DeFi are two concepts that are becoming increasingly crucial for the world of finance and the internet, breaking further into the mainstream. The DeFi industry alone is worth over $100 billion, as of October 2021, an increase of nearly 900% since 2020. Instrumental to the growth and success…

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Chainswipe partners with global RegTech leader, Confirm

Chainswipe has partnered with global RegTech leader, Coinfirm, who will provide the crypto platform with full-spectrum crypto AML analytics and compliance services. This partnership will enable Chainswipe customers to have access to Coinfirm’s blockchain AML, analytics and investigation offerings. In turn, Coinfirm’s clients will have access to Chainswipe’s no-code, white…

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Crypto’s impact on the underserved and unbanked

According to the World Bank, more than 1.7 billion people worldwide don’t have bank accounts. That’s 22% of the world's adult population who remain pretty much shut out from the global economy and its opportunities. For a large proportion of these people, cryptocurrencies can provide a welcome alternative to more…

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A Beginner’s Guide to Crypto Swapping

Due to the rapid evolution of cryptocurrency and its market, a wide range of tokens and blockchains are in existence, which is an exciting development for crypto enthusiasts.  But, where the development of individual tokens has outpaced the development of infrastructure, it can often be hard to directly exchange one…

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How to Accept Crypto Payments

With crypto’s rapid rise over the past few years, many businesses are now looking into ways to accept crypto payments from their customers.  While typically this would have been logistically difficult for many small businesses, technological advancements and the rise of crypto into the mainstream means that it’s now more…

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Learn How Crypto Is Impacting Payments

Recently, the crypto payment sector is booming, as the simultaneous popularity of cryptocurrency and technological innovation makes crypto payments more and more possible.  The chance to quickly and easily exchange money through crypto payments has made them a key feature of the Web3 revolution, as we explain here.  But what…

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Top 15 Cryptocurrencies By Market Cap

When it comes to choosing which cryptocurrency to buy, it can be a bit overwhelming. Most mainstream platforms will offer hundreds of different tokens, and it is estimated that there are now over 12,000 types of cryptocurrencies in existence.  And while most people will have heard of Bitcoin, there’s a…

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Benefits of Spending Crypto at the Point of Sale

Investments and interest in crypto has grown exponentially over the years. The accessibility and universality of crypto is providing opportunities for novice investors to try out investing and learn more about the crypto and blockchain space. But what happens when investors want to spend their funds? Traditionally, investors would have…

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