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What is a DeFi platform?

Web3 and DeFi are two concepts that are becoming increasingly crucial for the world of finance and the internet, breaking further into the mainstream. The DeFi industry alone is worth over $100 billion, as of October 2021, an increase of nearly 900% since 2020. Instrumental to the growth and success…

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USD Wallets vs. Crypto Wallets

If you hold cryptocurrency, you will of course be familiar with the concept of a crypto wallet as the location where you access your funds. But, are you aware of what crypto wallets actually are and how they differ from USD wallets? Even if you’re familiar with crypto wallets, you…

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What is Web3?

The internet is constantly changing and developing. New ideas and systems are being proposed and experimented all the time. After all, the internet is in its youth and is far from a finished product. Users, companies, and investors are always looking for ways to increase its usefulness and efficiency.  Web3…

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Benefits of Client Funded Rewards

In a crowded market, businesses are always looking for new ways to gain and maintain customers. While standard loyalty cards are a traditional method for maintaining loyal customers, businesses are increasingly turning to more personalized and blended options for loyalty programs, such as client-funded rewards.  But how do client-funded reward…

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What Is Data Cleansing?

Data cleansing, or data cleaning, identifies, fixes, and deletes inaccurate information stored in company systems or databases. This method helps keep information up-to-date for efficient and high-quality work for your employees and solutions for your customers. When you have clean data, you have reliable and accurate data that you know…

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7 Customer Loyalty Program Trends for 2022

Customer loyalty programs are incredibly powerful tools for revenue and brand loyalty. Around 52% of American consumers will invest their time in customer loyalty programs for their favorite and preferred companies and brands. Many customers love the rewards and benefits of customer reward programs, and unexpected rewards can maintain the…

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