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What is Just In Time Funding?

Often, we have several different ways to store and spend our money, from bank accounts to savings to crypto. And this also means that it’s very common to have different sums of money in various different accounts, creating a need to juggle funds and transactions between them.  Just In Time…

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What Is Card Tokenization?

Card tokenization is a process of substituting personal cardholder information with a random series of numbers, letters, and symbols to protect the cardholder from theft and fraud on the merchant level. Card tokenization protects:  Cardholder name, address, and other personal information Card number Expiration date Account number Bank name and routing number  Tokens apply…

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3 Common Questions About Prepaid Cards

Here at Hydrogen, we talk with organizations of all sizes and from all over the world about prepaid, debit, and virtual cards on a daily basis. After numerous conversations and countless questions, three questions we get asked on a regular basis are:  Can I use a prepaid card for payroll?Can…

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Top Fintech Startups in Canada

The Canadian fintech market isn’t as large or growing as rapidly as other regions around the world, however, it is still thriving and all signs point to this not changing anytime soon. Through the first half of 2019, Canadian fintech companies raised $251M. This is nearly double the $133M raised…

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