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Hydrogen Atom Year in Review

Hydrogen Atom Year in Review

It was an exciting Year 2 in the development of our world-leading Hydrogen Atom platform. The Atom platform provides central data storage and orchestration, along with an analytics and calculation engine for core financial applications & components. Here is an overview of the amazing work done by our Atom product team in 2019:

Nucleus v1.3 and v1.4 – Access Controls

  • Support of the resource owner password credentials OAuth 2.0 grant type
  • Ability to assign roles to permission APIs for admins
  • Ability to assign permission types for users
  • ACL added to all services which house sensitive account and client data
  • Addition of ACL for remaining services which have non-account and client data

Nucleus v1.5 – Financial Wellness

  • Financial wellness
  • Account aggregation & open banking
  • API enhancements

Nucleus v1.6 – Aggregated Services, Insurance, Orchestration

  • Aggregated services
  • Savings & PFM orchestration
  • Banking & insurance services
  • Audit & tracking
  • API enhancements

Proton v1.5 – Financial Planning & Wealth Proposals

  • Financial planning
  • Portfolio what-If
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Scenario analysis
  • API enhancements

Proton v1.6 – Annuities & Wellness

  • Variable annuity calculator 
  • Budgeting calculator
  • Cash flow analysis tool
  • Financial snapshot tool
  • API enhancements

Proton v1.7 – Data Connectivity

  • Nucleus data connectivity to Proton
  • Audit log to store Proton responses
  • API enhancements


We had some other exciting additions to Atom this year, including new client libraries and SDKs in Java, Python, Node.js, and Ruby, along with a very robust quick start guide added to the developer documentation.

We are very excited for 2020! We have an amazing roadmap of new features. Stay tuned for periodic previews after the New Year!


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