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Hydrogen & Fintech Middleware APIs

Hydrogen & Fintech Middleware APIs

The fintech middleware space is a maze of buzzwords and jargon. These middleware APIs were built to make hooking into a back offices easier, but they can be just as complex and daunting. Not to worry – we are here to help you navigate this tangled web of workflows and webhooks!

Hydrogen offers front office APIs and no-code apps that hook into leading middleware APIs, so you don’t have to. We integrate the middleware into the Hydrogen integration service. We then create easy to use documentation and user guides that abstract away the complexity of the nomenclature and workflows embedded in the middleware. This allows our clients to use more generic endpoints from Hydrogen that have business logic, configuration libraries, data cleansing, UI, and other front office functions.

Here is a schematic of how this Hydrogen middleware integration works, with a few companies selected for example purposes only:

Middleware APIs are available in banking (BaaS), payments, account aggregation & financial wellness, investments, and insurance. If you are facing the challenge of getting accepted by middleware companies, or don’t have the technical and product teams to do the integration, please signup on the Hydrogen Lab here.


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