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Hydrogen Integrates with Financial Data Provider Salt Edge

Hydrogen Integrates with Financial Data Provider Salt Edge

In addition to our Plaid integration, we have other leading aggregation software integrated for our Personal Financial Management (PFM) no-code app, and financial wellness API capabilities.

Salt Edge enables applications to connect with users’ bank, credit card, loan, and investment accounts to pull in account details, such as balances and transactions. Salt Edge is enabled in many international markets that Plaid isn’t, such as Mexico, Brazil, Australia, and India.


To get started, you’ll first need to sign up with Saltedge and get your client_idpublic_key, and secret. If you already have a Saltedge account, you can go ahead and sign in to retrieve these values.


Once you have Saltedge credentials set up on the Integrations Admin, you can retrieve the Saltedge widget to embed in your app or web page. The Saltedge widget will manage user credential validation, multi-factor authentication, and error handling for each institution that Saltedge supports to ensure that your end-user is able to pull data from the account that the’ve linked.

Call the following Hydrogen service to get the URL for the client:

GET /integration/v1/widget_link/{nucleus_client_id}?vendor_name=saltedge

Copy the widget_link from the response and use as a simple web URL in the browser to complete the user authentication.

Note: vendor_name as a request parameter is optional. By default, it will use the selected vendor set in the settings.

Now we just have to create the aggregation account to store all the data in Nucleus from the response above.

POST /integration/v1/aggregation/account

     "nucleus_client_id": "<nucleus_client_id>",
     "product": "atom" 

Additionally, you may optionally pull balances, transactions, and holdings for the account.

GET /integration/v1/aggregation/balance/{aggregation_account_id}

GET /integration/v1/aggregation/transaction/{aggregation_account_id}

GET /integration/v1/aggregation/holding/{aggregation_account_id}© 2020 The Hydrogen Technology Corporation Blog


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