Hydrogen Integrates with Real Estate Data Provider Zillow - Hydrogen
Hydrogen Integrates with Real Estate Data Provider Zillow

Hydrogen Integrates with Real Estate Data Provider Zillow

It is important to know the value of all accounts, both liquid, and non-liquid, when showing financial wellness dashboards. This is why Hydrogen has integrated real estate values from Zillow into our Personal Financial Management (PFM) no-code app, and financial wellness API capabilities.

Hydrogen’s Integration

Retrieve property value data for most real estate properties throughout the US. Zillow provides its own proprietary “Zestimate” which incorporates public and user-submitted data, taking into account housing data, location, and market conditions.

Retrieving the latest property value from Zillow is a quick, three-step process.

1. Sign up for your own Zillow User ID and Password. Ensure you’ve checked off, “Home Valuations API” as part of the sign up process. This will ensure your ID is able to retrieve Zestimate data.

2. After signing up, you will receive your zws-id which you will store as your Zillow user ID and then store the password you used to sign up on Zillow as your password in the Hydrogen Integrations Admin.

3. Next, you will need to create an aggregation_account in Nucleus which has a category value of “Property” along with the following fields in the metadata:


To create a property value which can be tracked, you will take the newly created aggregation_account_id and call POST /integration/v1/property_value.

Once we have the property linked to Zillow, you can use the following endpoint to retrieve the latest property value each day:
GET /integration/v1/aggregation/balance/{aggregation_account_id}


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