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Hydrogen Molecule Year in Review

Hydrogen Molecule Year in Review

It was an amazing year in Decentralized Finance (DeFi), with innovation coming from companies such as Metamask, MakerDao, Uniswap, and many others. Hydrogen is a firm believer that the future success of blockchain lies with its direct integration into our everyday lives.

This is why we announced Hydrogen Molecule in early 2019. Molecule is the first library of DeFi APIs, components, and widgets, that integrate directly into any traditional app. This structure allows developers to use the best of both worlds – the strength of existing centralized infrastructure available in Hydrogen Atom, combined with the security, speed, and efficiency of Hydrogen Molecule’s DeFi features.

Let’s take a look at the Molecule features released in 2019:

Molecule 2019 Releases

Molecule version 1.0 was released in October with the following features:

  1. Creation of a user identity tied to an on-chain wallet
  2. Generation and management of a user’s private keys

Molecule version 1.1 was released in November with the following features:

  1. Creation of digital on-chain tokens that represent physical off-chain assets
  2. Tracking of currency and token balances

Molecule version 1.2 was released in December with the following features:

  1. Support for the transferring of security tokens between user wallets
  2. Support for the transferring of currencies between user wallets
  3. Tracking of wallet currency balances
  4. Global whitelisting
  5. Decoupling of tokenization from crowdselling
  6. Support for webhooks

What’s Coming in 2020?

In 2020, the Molecule team is planning to release the following features:

  1. Molecule wallet
  2. B2B invoicing
  3. Global remittance APIs
  4. Ethereum Quorum support
  5. Payment widgets

This is just a snapshot at the innovation to come. Hydrogen Molecule will be an integral part of the DeFi revolution, which we believe will accelerate in 2020!


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