Hydrogen’s April Product Showcase - Hydrogen
Hydrogen’s April Product Showcase

Hydrogen’s April Product Showcase

Here is your chance to see it one more time! We did a live Youtube webinar last week with the Hydrogen All-Stars in our New York HQ.

Here is what you can expect from this video:

  1. Build a dashboard UI prototype in 5 minutes using the Element React library (Rachel)
  2. Embed powerful financial tools and calculators into your website (Sabih)
  3. Customize a white label onboarding and private site for your digital advice app (Siraj & Sofia)
  4. Permission sensitive data in your application using Access Controls (Jessica & Ilyana)
  5. Learn the basics of Hydrogen with the Atom quickstart guide (Matt)
  6. Make development and testing a breeze with Hydrogen SDKs and Postman Collections (Dan)
  7. Powering your advisory practice with financial planning tools (Shane)
  8. Create a security token platform using Hydrogen tools (Nahom)
  9. How to become a Hydrogen Certified Partner (Kevin)
  10. Solution Hydrogen for dozens of use cases (Eric & Roland)

Get in touch if you want to explore a partnership or direct integration into the Hydrogen platform to power your fintech application!

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