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Innovation For The Cost Of One Engineer

Innovation For The Cost Of One Engineer

Did you know? The average Starbucks customer spends over $2 per cup of coffee. The same coffee can be made at home for less than $0.20 per cup. This is a cost savings of over 90%!

The same holds true for fintech. Paying large teams to spend years trying to figure out API orchestrations, data/back office integrations, financial engineering, and deployment, is a huge investment. This investment assumes the teams can even figure out the processes, a huge risk given a failure rate of over 90% for fintech projects. Hydrogen has already done much of the work for you!

The average salary for a software engineer or product manager in San Francisco is over $140k per year, plus benefits, office space, perks, and office expenses. To build a fintech app from scratch, you will need to invest in dozens of them, plus consultants, managers, integrators, testers, and a support team. A team of 20 people can cost over $4 Mil per year, plus ongoing fees, once a product or service is launched.

Hydrogen can be deployed in 80%+ less time and and cost, because we have already invested the millions of dollars needed to build the scalable fintech infrastructure. Think of us like the coffee pot – why pay 10x more at Starbucks for the same product you can make at home?

Because you control the brewing process, you control the coffee strength, amount, temperature, and so much more. The same thing applies to Hydrogen – you control the presentation layer of any product you build. You can use our Element design library to create your own presentation layer, or the increasingly large menu of Hydrogen pre-built workflows and apps.

It’s fintech innovation in a box!


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