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Introducing Hydrogen Molecule

Introducing Hydrogen Molecule

It was an exciting 2018, as evidenced by our Year in Review.

We were some of the first developers on the Hydro open-source protocols in 2018 and watched the community grow…and grow…and GROW some more!

Project Hydro created their own organization & governance, GitHub, social media accounts, and elected their own officers all around the globe. They even created their own dApp marketplace, where exciting security and identity dApps will live.

As Hydrogen is only one of many developers on top of Hydro, we felt the “Hydro API” label no longer fit in our product catalogue. What better way to complement Hydrogen Atom than with Hydrogen Molecule — which in chemistry is a group of atoms bonded together!

Does that sound familiar? It looks and feels very similar to a blockchain —

Sample molecule structure

Molecule Features

Add financial blockchain components to any application.

This tag line is key to remember. Our Hydrogen Atom library allows any firm around the globe to build sophisticated financial applications, while Hydrogen Molecule will add blockchain components to make these applications even stronger!Hydrogen | MoleculeThe Hydrogen Molecule API platform includes modules to add financial blockchain components to any application

Some of the solutions we plan to power include payments, tokenization, identity, and tracking. These will come in the form of widgets, white label applications, or custom applications that clients can build on top of Molecule in concert with Atom and Element.


The Hydrogen integration library will be common to both Hydrogen Atom and Hydrogen Molecule. It will allow our awesome product architects to connect blockchain and non-blockchain services, platforms, and APIs together with common authentication and credentials. This is a groundbreaking way of fusing the two technologies that has not yet been done.

With Molecule, many of the integrations will allow a platform to be built that pulls the best of the best that is being developed in many facets of tech:

  • Payments
  • Remittance
  • Privacy
  • Identity
  • Trading
  • Security Tokens
  • Infrastructure
  • iOT
  • Hardware
  • Logistics

The Hydrogen team had dozens of meetings in 2018 to lay the groundwork for many of these integrations. We have created the infrastructure to integrate the best technology globally.


Many new design elements will be added to our Hydrogen Element library for Molecule, including:

  • Authentication workflows
  • Mobile app UX
  • KYC onboarding UI
  • Document signing & notarization workflows
  • Security trading and investing UI/UX
  • Payment & remittance workflows
  • Payment and remittance app UX
  • Enterprise admin platform UI/UX


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