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Introducing: Virtual Cards for Business Payments

Introducing: Virtual Cards for Business Payments

We are pleased to release our platform to power virtual cards for business payments. This no-code platform allows our customers to anonymously use virtual cards to send payments for invoices, marketing campaigns, and expenses.

Here are some of the amazing features of our new B2B payments platform:

  • Load up to $200,000 on each card
  • Receive 100 cards per month free, or up to $20 Mil spent
  • Earn up to 2% cash back on all purchases – see schedule here
  • No minimum spending amounts or limits on cash back
  • No credit checks and no interest charged on payments
  • All card swipes go over the Signature Visa network
  • Add your logo to the cards for only $1/card/month

Below, we go into greater detail about how our platform powering virtual cards for business payments works:

Huge Cash Back Rewards

Our platform will pay you up to 2% cash back on every purchase over the Signature Visa network. How does this compare to some other payment platforms out there? Let’s take a look:

Corpay: 0% cash back 0% cash back
Ramp: up to 1.5% cash back
Hydrogen: up to 2% cash back

Virtual Card Benefits

In this post on Restore Privacy, the author lays out some of the benefits of paying with virtual cards. Below, we go through the most important items:

  • Anonymous Payments: at most, a merchant will verify the zip code on your card, but you can use an anonymous name and address with your payments. This prevents your personal info from being leaked if a merchant is hacked.
  • Single Use: you can create a single card for each payment. This provides better security, in case either someone gets a hold of your card number, or the merchant gets hacked.
  • Short Expiry: cards expire within 60 days. This is an added security measure that makes it very hard for your card details to be stolen.
  • Easier Tracking: your accounting team will love the virtual cards. They can tie an individual card to a single payment, with an attached invoice number.

Branded Cards

We have two options for our payment cards: Hydrogen branded or company branded.

Our Experiment (free) program will have Hydrogen branded cards by default. You receive up to 100 cards free per month (up to $20 Mil in payments and $400k in interchange revenue) in the Experiment Plan.

Meanwhile, our Expand (paid) program will have your own brand’s color and logo on the cards. We only charge $1/card/month for this feature. You can print unlimited cards, spend unlimited amounts of money, and earn unlimited interchange revenue, in the Expand Plan.

You can get started with your first 100 cards per month 100% free, by signing up below.


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