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Issue Virtual Cards With Hydrogen

Issue Virtual Cards With Hydrogen

Virtual cards have become increasingly beneficial to countless fintech service providers, including app developers, financial institutions, startup companies, and even unrelated industries. These temporary mobile cash cards offer privacy, protection, and error-prevention features that physical credit and debit cards cannot, increasing their appeal to users. 

Card issuing programs are highly beneficial, but creating them requires lots of time, money, and resources. Creators must have extensive knowledge of application programming interfaces (APIs) to issue a successful platform and must handle many partnership negotiations in the process. Fortunately, you can achieve a high-functioning card issuing program without the hassle, with Hydrogen’s innovative platform.

Our Card Issuing Platform

Hydrogen is your solution to fast and cost-effective card issuing. Our powerful platform makes it easy to begin building your app, allowing you to do more than simply issue cards. We streamline the process by offering benefits and features that eliminate the challenges and expense of creating your own program.

Fast and Easy Setup

Assembling a card program usually takes a minimum of six months to complete. However, when you use our card issuing platform, you can start the process in a matter of minutes and produce a functioning app in only a few days. You’ll never have to deal with extensive development time or complicated contracts with us — only progress.

Cost Savings

Establishing and developing a card program can cost companies well over $100,000 — a rate that can put a significant dent into your bank account. You can achieve tremendous cost savings at Hydrogen, where you don’t have to pay for card platform creation or development. We help you save big with no long-term commitments.

Efficient Features

We’ve optimized the card issuing process by building functional tools and features into our platform, making it easier than ever to begin building your virtual card app. These additions are meant to provide the best possible experience for companies and users alike, helping you become more competitive in the product market.

Some of our many advanced card issuing features include:

  • Anti-fraud alerts
  • Credit and lending decisions
  • Intelligent spending
  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals
  • Overdraft alerts
  • Admin control
  • Spending controls


Partnership negotiations are a vital part of the card issuing process, and we cover it all on our platform. We integrate with many major banks, program managers, KYC providers, open banking platforms, issuers, and Banking as a Service (BaaS) vendors, including:

  • Apple Wallet
  • Marqeta
  • EML Payments
  • Cross River Bank
  • Google Wallet
  • Samsung Wallet
  • Metabank
  • Dwolla
  • IDology
  • MX
  • Yodlee

Why Choose Hydrogen for Virtual Card Issuing?

Though we’re not the only card issuing company out there, we are one of the best around. At Hydrogen, we set ourselves apart from other platforms by offering innovative solutions you can’t find anywhere else.

Our program includes user interface (UI) components and applications that you can embed into any app or website. We also utilize white-labeling rather than co-branding, which means you can choose your own card design elements, such as the colors and your company’s logo. Unlike using a Chase, Capital One, Brex, or similar card, this means you are the only company logo on the card! Your customers or employees will know they are dealing with a professional and first-rate organization. When you use our card issuing platform, you can earn up to 1% cashback on all purchases.

With so many unique features and benefits, Hydrogen is your go-to platform for fintech applications.

Sign up for Our Card Issuing Program Today

If you’re looking to build a virtual card application but don’t have the time or resources to create your own card issuing platform, Hydrogen is your solution. We help financial institutions keep up with rising industry expectations by giving them the power to develop hundreds of applications from one flexible platform.

Request access to our Hydrogen program today to get started.


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