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Top 15 Cryptocurrencies By Market Cap

When it comes to choosing which cryptocurrency to buy, it can be a bit overwhelming. Most mainstream platforms will offer hundreds of different tokens, and it is estimated that there are now over 12,000 types of cryptocurrencies in existence.  And while most people will have heard of Bitcoin, there’s a…

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Benefits of Spending Crypto at the Point of Sale

Investments and interest in crypto has grown exponentially over the years. The accessibility and universality of crypto is providing opportunities for novice investors to try out investing and learn more about the crypto and blockchain space. But what happens when investors want to spend their funds? Traditionally, investors would have…

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20 Cryptocurrency Stats You May Not Have Known

The rapid increase in cryptocurrency’s popularity and mainstream adoption is almost unprecedented. Some might even call it crazy. So to show you just how incredible the current crypto space is, we’ve compiled 20 cryptocurrency stats that you may not have known. 1. Bitcoin currently has a market capitalization of $433.13…

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The Importance of Spending Controls on Debit Cards

In times of rapidly developing technology and the complex nature of modern financial life, people are increasingly keen to have more independence over their money and their spending. Allowing customers to choose and implement their own spending controls on their debit cards is one of the many ways businesses can…

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USD Wallets vs. Crypto Wallets

If you hold cryptocurrency, you will of course be familiar with the concept of a crypto wallet as the location where you access your funds. But, are you aware of what crypto wallets actually are and how they differ from USD wallets? Even if you’re familiar with crypto wallets, you…

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Web3 is the Future of Payments

Web3 payments are seeking to completely revolutionize the internet and how it’s run. How we send and receive money is no exception to Web3’s ambitions. You probably know yourself. Buying things on the internet or sending money to friends can be a long and difficult process, often with too many…

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What is a Crypto Ledger?

The crypto ledger is another important cryptocurrency concept that many beginner crypto users are not aware of, and is often confused with the similarly named Ledger wallet. But, the concept of ledgers and where data is stored is very important to cryptocurrency, and all long-term holders should be aware of…

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