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Hydrogen Nominated for Benzinga Fintech Award – Best API

We are honored to be nominated for Benzinga’s Global Fintech Award in the category of Best API! As many of you know, Hydrogen accelerates digital financial innovation by enabling organizations to build fintech components or products using ONE platform. Hydrogen integrates with numerous third-party vendors, has built-in workflows, aggregates the…

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PFM in Banking

Consumers are looking for a way to monitor their financial health. Personal financial management (PFM) apps can act as the thermometer, gauging the temperature and giving people an idea of where they currently stand financially. PFM tools for banking can also go a step beyond checking the status of a…

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What are interchange fees?

Interchange fees are transaction fees used in the payment card industry, which the card-issuing bank charges whenever a credit or debit card is used to make a transaction. The fees are charged to the merchant bank, or acquiring bank, and are paid to the card issuer. The fee covers the…

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5 Popular Challenger Banks in Africa

The majority of Africans remain unbanked, which has had a serious impact on economic development, but this is rapidly changing. According to Statista, in 2017, 298 million people in Africa had a bank account, which is only about 24% of the population. However, they estimate that by 2022, 456 million…

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Hydrogen and Intrinio Announce Data Integration Partnership

Hydrogen, a global fintech enablement platform, partners with Intrinio, a financial data technology company, to offer over 200 types of data feeds that will be fueled into the Hydrogen platform, allowing clients to deploy their wealth management apps. New York, NY August 11, 2020 - The Hydrogen Technology Corp (“Hydrogen”),…

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5 Popular Challenger Banks in Latin America

Challenger banks, or neobanks, in emerging markets, like Latin America, provide a huge opportunity for fintech companies. There is a large consumer base, many of whom are unbanked or underbanked, which provides these challenger banks with the opportunity to gain new customers by leaping over more traditional financial service providers.…

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What Is a Challenger Bank?

Sometimes called neobanks, challenger banks have no brick-and-mortar branches or physical locations. They are entirely digital, and some might technically not even be banks at all. The services offered by challenger banks are typically available through mobile apps or websites and might include the ability to transfer money between accounts,…

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Plug and Play Fintech Components

According to the Oxford English dictionary, the definition of plug and play is: Denoting or relating to software or devices that are intended to work perfectly when first used or connected, without reconfiguration or adjustment by the user. Why shouldn't fintech components be as plug and play as connecting a…

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Prepaid Card Programs For Kids

It's now more important than ever to educate children on the importance of savings. Talking with them at an early age is critical for them to learn financial literacy. 69% of parents gave an allowance to their children (ages 4 - 14) in 2019 and the average amount was about…

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