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Personalized Financial Offers

Personalized Financial Offers

One of the main goals of Personal Financial Management (PFM) is to educate and enlighten consumers to make better financial decisions. On the Hydrogen platform, this comes in the form of account aggregation, cash flow analysis, budgeting, financial health scores, goals tracking, alerts, and much more. What if there is a way to provide personalized recommendations on top of this data?

Financial Offers API

Did you know that Hydrogen has a framework to add financial offers to a component or app using our data structure? It is called our Financial Offers API.

The Financial Offers API is compatible with instruments such as savings accounts, credit cards, loans, and insurance policies. As an app developer, you can mine the data that customers pull through our integrations to Plaid, MX, Yodlee, Tink, Salt Edge, and Zillow (with many more to come), to offer recommendations on how clients can save more money or refinance their debt. The ability to offer these alerts can turn an ordinary platform into extraordinary, and empower consumers to make better financial decisions.

Hydrogen’s proprietary data structure makes it easy to offer unique insights to customers (as shown top right above), helping them to make smarter financial decisions in their everyday life.

Curated Offers Network

If you don’t want to do the business development with the financial institutions yourself, not to worry! Hydrogen will soon announce some exciting partnerships that allow you to leverage third-party marketing networks that have done much of the work for you.

If you are a financial institution, affiliate marketing group, or offers network, and you want to make your data available to developers around the world building the next generation of data rich apps, please contact us.

To get started building an app that takes advantage of the financial offers framework, get started now. It only takes 5-minutes to start building!


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