Release: Molecule Version 1.2 - Hydrogen

Release: Molecule Version 1.2

We are excited to announce the release of version 1.2 of the Molecule API. Check the details below to find out what’s new!

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Molecule version 1.2 has the following updates:

  1. Transferring security tokens between user wallets
  2. Transferring currencies between user wallets
  3. Tracking wallet currency balances
  4. Global Whitelisting
  5. Decoupling Tokenization from Crowdselling
  6. Adding support for webhooks

The following Molecule entities have been created for v1.2:

  • Token Transfer
  • Currency
  • Currency Transfer
  • Currency Balance
  • Crowdsale
  • Transaction Status
  • Webhook

Support has been added for the following ERC-20 Currencies: 

  • BAT
  • DAI
  • SAI
  • USDC
  • ZRX
  • REP
  • WBTC
  • HYDRO 

Our main goal in this release was to add peer to peer payment functionality to Molecule and make its wallets capable of storing, sending, and receiving ETH, ERC-20 currencies, and Security Tokens  created within the Molecule ecosystem. We accomplished this goal by creating 3 new entities: Token Transfer, Currency Transfer, and Currency Balance. As an addition to these 3 entities, a new Currency entity has been created to get the list of supported currencies by Molecule.

Another big goal was to decouple Tokenization from Crowdsale functionality to make Molecule more modular. This separation makes Molecule wallets capable of tokenizing assets, and choosing not to hold an offering. We accomplished this goal by removing crowdsale and purchase methods from Token entity, and creating a new endpoint with 3 methods:

  1. /crowdsale/deploy
  2. /crowdsale/fund
  3. /crowdsale/purchase

Decoupling would not be possible without the changes we made to our smart contracts. In our prior versions, only the crowdsale contract of a SecurityToken had access to its whitelist. In this release, we implemented GlobalWhitelists. The GlobalWhitelist gets deployed on the blockchain along with the SecurityToken contract during token deployment. In the case of a crowdsale, this GlobalWhitelist is shared with the token’s OfferingContract and make it possible to manage whitelisted wallets from one single source.

The 4th entity we introduce in this release is Transaction Status. All Molecule methods interacting with the blockchain are made in an asynchronous fashion and return a “Pending” status message. The /transaction_status  service helps you to get the most recent status on pending transactions.

The 5th and final entity we introduce in this release is Webhook. Blockchain transactions take some time to process and we find it crucial to notify users about processed transactions and events. The /webhook service helps you to notify your end users about successfully processed transactions and balance changes.


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