Release: Nucleus Version 1.6 - Hydrogen

Release: Nucleus Version 1.6

We are excited to announce the release of version 1.6 of the Nucleus API, as part of Hydrogen’s Atom offering. Check the details below to find out what’s new!

Hydrogen Atom

Nucleus version 1.6 has the following updates:

  1. New Aggregated Data Services – To provide dashboarding capabilities by reducing the number of API calls that are required for an overview of a client, account, goal, allocation, advisor view and held-away accounts. The following new aggregate services have been created.
    1. Goals
    2. Client Activity
    3. Account
    4. Allocation
    5. Portfolio
    6. Held-Away Account (Overview)
    7. Held-Away Account (Drilldown)
    8. Advisor – Clients and Accounts
  2. New Orchestration Services
    1. Decision Tree Result
    2. CRUD Roundup Settings
    3. Roundup Orchestration
    4. CRUD Overflow Settings
    5. Overflow Orchestration
  3. New Banking & Insurance Services
    1. CRUD Insurance Quote
    2. CRUD Insurance Coverage
    3. CRUD Insurance Discount
    4. CRUD Card
  4. New Electron Supporting Services
    1. CRUD Proton Audit (Electron)
    2. CRUD Application (Electron)
    3. CRUD Notifications (Electron)
    4. CRUD Tracking Feature (Electron)
    5. CRUD Tracking User Feature (Electron)
  5. Miscellaneous Enhancements
    1. Add “benchmark_id” as optional field to /model
    2. Add “image” as optional field to /goal
    3. Add “support_ticket_document” as optional field to /support_ticket
    4. Add “total_expense_ratio” as optional field to /security
    5. Add “tooltip” as optional field to Questions and Answers object in /questionnaire
    6. Add “portfolio_id” as optional field to /funding, /deposit, /withdrawal
    7. Add “application_id” as optional field to /client_response
    8. Add “account_number” as optional field to /account
    9. Add “bank_link_id” as optional field to /aggregation_account
    10. Add metadata to /benchmark, /security, /campaign
    11. Add node_map to /financial_offer
    12. Add “is_active” flag to /budget, /account, /financial_offer, /decision_tree, /questionnaire, /portfolio
    13. Electron Document enhancements
    14. Aggregation Account Balance enhancements


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