Release: Nucleus Version 1.7 - Hydrogen

Release: Nucleus Version 1.7

We are excited to announce the release of version 1.7 of the Nucleus API, as part of Hydrogen’s Atom offering. Check the details below to find out what’s new!

Hydrogen Atom

Nucleus version 1.7 has the following updates:

  1. Banking Upgrades
    • Portfolio Transactions Banking Update
    • Portfolio Asset Size Available Balance Update
    • Subledger Portfolio Assets
    • Portfolio Goals
    • Roundup Internal Accounts
    • Bank Account Available Balance
  2. CRUD Risk Profile
  3. Questionnaire Updates
    1. CRUD Question
    2. CRUD Answer
  4. CRUD Client Status
  5. Bulk POST/PUT/DELETE- RabbitMQ service to allow up to 100 entries
    • Bulk Status
  6. Webhooks
  7. Resources
    • Currency
    • Statistic
    • Country
    • State
  8. Miscellaneous Enhancements
    1. Add “country_of_citizenship” to /client
    2. Add “citizenship_status” to /client
    3. Add “total_net_worth” to /client
    4. Add “liquid_net_worth” to /client
    5. Add “suffix” as optional field to /client
    6. Add “employment” as optional map to /client
    7. Add “identification_number_type” as optional field to /client
    8. Add “firm_name” as optional string field to /client
    9. Add “image” to /client
    10. Add “is_primary” boolean to address in /client
    11. Add “account_number” as optional field to to /portfolio
    12. Add “category” as optional field to /stage
    13. Add “is_account”, “is_client”, “is_active” as optional booleans to /stage
    14. Make “invested_date” optional in /deposit
    15. Add “discretionary” as an optional boolean field to /account
    16. Add “is_verified” and “is_active” as optional booleans to /document
    17. Add “is_business” and “is_investment” booleans to /aggregation_account
    18. Add “is_recurring” boolean to /aggregation_account_transaction
    19. Add “value” in investment map of /aggregation_account_transaction
    20. Add “card_image” as optional string to /card
    21. Make “expiry_date” optional in /card
    22. Add “is_primary” as optional boolean to /card
    23. Add “prepaid” as acceptable “card_type” value to /card
    24. Add “card_network” as optional field to /card
    25. Add “is_default” to /bank_link
    26. Add “currency_code” to aggregated asset_size service responses
    27. Add “value_available” to /goal/asset_size
    28. Add “balance” to /portfolio_transaction
    29. Add “cost_basis” to /portfolio_holding and /goal/goal_id/holding
    30. Restrict longtext fields in GET ALL /document
    31. Add “currency_code” to funding services
    32. Add “isin” and “cusip” optional fields to /security
    33. Add “feature_id” as optional field to /notification
    34. Add “frequency_unit” as optional array to /electron/v1/notification
    35. Add “threshold_type” as optional field to /electron/v1/notification
    36. Add “in_app” as notification_type to /electron/v1/notification
    37. Add “threshold_value” as optional field to /electron/v1/notification_setting
    38. Add “notification_image” as optional field to /electron/v1/notification_client
    39. Add “is_read” as optional boolean to /electron/v1/notification_client


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