Release: Proton Version 1.4 - Hydrogen

Release: Proton Version 1.4

We are excited to announce the release of version 1.4 of the Proton API, as part of Hydrogen’s Atom offering. Check the details below to find out what’s new!

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New Services

Version 1.4 adds two new services across Proton’s Simulations and Financial Wellness suites:

  1. POST /event_study: When clients are weighing their options between portfolios, they can run a simulation to see how the portfolio would have performed during key historical events. This will help them understand a portfolio’s exposure to various financial climates. The resulting performance and risk statistics can serve as a basis to evaluate a portfolio in the context of a given event.
  2. POST /financial_health_check: It is important to assess the health of a client’s financial situation in order to provide recommendations for them and guidance. This tool provides a financial health check by generating a series of financial ratios. Based information about the user’s assets, liabilities, income, and expenses, this tool returns ratio results and indicates a pass or fail based on a configurable rule of thumb measure.

New Parameter and Response Fields: POST /backtest

A new stats boolean flag has been added to the /backtest endpoint. If true, the service returns portfolio risk and return statistics, useful for summarizing the portfolio’s behavior over the backtest.

New Argument:

  • stats: If true, generate portfolio statistics from the backtest. If excluded, defaults to true.

New response fields:

  • stats: Portfolio statistics, including the values shown below
  • cumulative_return: The cumulative portfolio return
  • annualized_return: The annualized portfolio return
  • annualized_volatility: The annualized standard deviation of portfolio returns

New Parameter: Goals Services

A new optional boolean parameter was added to the Goals services to configure the generation of goal recommendations. This can reduce processing time for cases in which a recommendation is not a desired output.

The new field is found in recommendation_config and defaults to true if not provided. This change impacts the following endpoints:

  • /goal_accumulation/allocation
  • /goal_accumulation/status
  • /goal_decumulation/allocation
  • /goal_decumulation/status

Bug Fix: Mortgage Calculator

Version 1.4 addresses a bug for Mortgage Calculator endpoints in which periodicity was inconsistent across mortgage_termperiodic_payment, and interest_rate in some cases. The services now appropriately handles mortgage_term and periodic_payment as monthly values, and interest_rateas an annualized value.

This change impacts the following endpoints:

  • /mortgage_calculator/down_payment
  • /mortgage_calculator/home_price
  • /mortgage_calculator/periodic_payment

Technical Changes

Proton’s WSGI server has been switched from bjoern to gunicorn. Gunicorn includes native SSL support, removing the need for stunnel. The switch also enables multithreading across the API.


Please see the Proton Documentation for additional information.


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