Release: Proton Version 1.6 - Hydrogen
Release: Proton Version 1.6

Release: Proton Version 1.6

We are excited to announce the release of version 1.6 of the Proton API, as part of Hydrogen’s Atom offering. View the details below to find out what’s new!

New Services

Version 1.6 adds four new services to Proton’s Annuities and Financial Wellness modules: 

  1. POST /variable_annuity: The Variable Annuity Tool projects a variable annuity plan that is tied to a group of underlying investments. The Monte Carlo-based projection helps to evaluate potential outcomes and get a better understanding of how a variable annuity product may behave through both the accumulation phase and the payout phase
  2. POST /budget_calculator: The Budget Calculator pulls in the user’s spending and budget information from Nucleus, which is then used to generate insightful information about their budget by category and merchant. 
  3. POST /financial_picture: The Financial Picture endpoint pulls in all of a client’s aggregation account information from Nucleus to provide a complete overview of the client’s financial situation in a specified currency and over a specified date range. For all requests, the `snapshot` object will return the client’s total assets, total liabilities, and net worth, along with a list of the underlying aggregation account balances listed by category and subcategory. The optional `history` object will return each of those fields for every date within the specified date range. In addition, developers may choose to show value and percent changes in the client’s total assets, total liabilities, and net worth over time.
  4. POST /cash_flow_analysis: The cash flow analysis tool provides a holistic view of the user’s cash flows, including spending by category and merchant, recurring expenses, outlier transactions, and income and spending over time. This tool is useful for charting spending and net cash flows over time, and identifying major purchase categories and merchants.

Changes to Existing Endpoints

  • /emergency_fund_calculator: Updated to remove the 0.1 maximum restriction from the ‘interest_rate’ parameter.
  • /savings_calculator: Updated  to remove the constraint on the length of the ‘return_schedule’ array, which had enforced that it be equal to either 1 or the ‘horizon’.
  • /monte_carlo: Added the following array parameters:
    • ‘min_sample’
    • ‘max_sample’
    • ‘min_bal’
    • ‘max_bal’
  • Added a new optional boolean parameter called ‘use_proxy_data’ (defaults to false) to the following endpoints. This parameter allows users to toggle proxy security price data on and off.
    • /mvo
    • /event_study
    • /sensitivity_analysis
    • /scenario_analysis
    • /portfolio_what_if
    • /diversification_score
    • /portfolio_optimization_score
    • /goal_decumulation/allocation
    • /goal_accumulation/allocation
    • /risk_allocation
    • /variable_annuity
  • Added the following double fields to ‘response_details’ to summarize cumulative and projected values in some of the Financial Planning and Annuity calculators as below:
    • /education_calculator
      • projected_accumulation_savings
      • total_earnings
      • total_contributions
      • total_taxes
    • /purchase_calculator
      • adjusted_goal_amount
      • total_earnings
      • total_contributions
    • /retirement_calculator
      • total_earnings
      • total_contributions
      • total_withdrawals
      • total_taxes
    • /mortgage_calculator
      • total_payment
      • total_principal
      • total_interest
      • total_home_cost
    • /annuity_calculator
      • total_earnings
      • total_contributions
      • total_taxes

Patches for Non-Critical Bugs

Version 1.6 institutes a series of bug fixes across the platform:

  • /financial_health_check: Enabled Financial Health Check to properly handle cases where the ratio denominator is 0; results for the relevant ratio are now correctly returned as null.
  • /sensitivity_analysis & /scenario_analysis: Updated to handle cases in which the ‘t-stat’ response value is undefined.
  • /education_calculator & /retirement_calculator: Fixed a bug that caused some excess cash to be left at the end of the time horizon when an inflation rate was applied.
  • /annuity_calculator: Changed order of fields in ‘return_details’ to be consistent with other endpoints.
  • /annuity_calculator: Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented a successful analysis when the accumulation_horizon or decumulation_horizon parameters were empty.
  • /sensitivity_analysis: Changed the ‘lag’ parameter to be optional and default to 0 as originally intended.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some error responses to not be returned in proper JSON format.
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