Release: Proton Version 1.8 - Hydrogen
Release: Proton Version 1.8

Release: Proton Version 1.8

We are excited to announce the release of version 1.8 of the Proton API, as part of Hydrogen’s Atom offering. Check the details below to find out what’s new!

Hydrogen Atom

Proton version 1.8 has the following updates:

  1. Personal Financial Management (PFM)
    1. Fee Analysis
    2. Recurring Transaction Analysis
  2. Business Financial Management (BFM)
    1. BFM Financial Statement Analysis
    2. BFM Cash Analysis
    3. BFM Customer Analysis
    4. BFM Financial Health Check
    5. BFM Invoice Analysis
  3. Cards
    1. Card Authorization
    2. Card Limit Check
  4. Integration Market Data Connection
    1. /mvo
    2. /risk_allocation
    3. /event_study
    4. /portfolio_what_if
    5. /sensitivity_analysis
    6. /scenario_analysis
    7. /portfolio_optimization_score
    8. /diversification_score
    9. /goal_accumulation/allocation
    10. /goal_demumulation/allocation
    11. /variable_annuity
    12. /monte_carlo
  5. Currency Code Conversion
    1. /budget_calculator
    2. /cash_flow_analysis
    3. /financial_picture
    4. /fee_analysis
    5. /recurring_transaction_analysis
    6. New BFM services
  6. Budget Calculator
    1. Budget Calculator Portfolio Transaction Support
    2. Budget Calculator: Average Category Spend
    3. Budget Calculator Total Budget
    4. Budget Calculator Percentages
  7. Miscellaneous Updates
    1. Add “use_proxy_data” to /monte_carlo
    2. Cash Flow Analysis Portfolio Transaction Support
    3. Financial Picture Assets & Liabilities “is_asset”
    4. Account for “is_cleansed” /portfolio_transaction flag in analysis
  8. Miscellaneous Bug Fixes 
    1. Budget Calculator
      1. “as_of_date” not defaulting to today
      2. Bad request when getting Portfolios from Nucleus
      3. Category/subcategory matching bugs
      4. Change error handling
    2. Error “matrices are not aligned” appear in /portfolio_optimization_score
    3. Clean up error handling
    4. Boolean Standardization
    5. Update logic for new account/transaction mapping structure
    6. Call Nucleus with tenant_name in header when JWT authority is Admin
    7. Fixed errors surfacing when using proxy data with Diversification Score and Mean Variance Optimization


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