Sneak Peek of Hydrogen’s 2020 Roadmap - Hydrogen
Sneak Peek of Hydrogen’s 2020 Roadmap

Sneak Peek of Hydrogen’s 2020 Roadmap

In 2019, we made tremendous improvements to our Atom and Molecule platforms. In previous posts (Atom highlights / Molecule highlights), we highlighted the key features and functionalities added to these platforms by our amazing product, design, and development teams. 

These enhancements provided our customers and partners with a platform that was able to keep up with the lightning fast pace of the industry. As fintech becomes ubiquitous, we have increasingly provided our users with the flexibility, configurability, and scalability needed to build best of breed applications.

However, our work building compelling products and enhancements never ends. This is why we wanted to share a few of the exciting updates we have in store for this year.

Our roadmap for this year will focus on: 

  • Increased banking functionality – Retail and Commercial
  • Low-code onboarding platform, along with no-code white label apps and components
  • Small Business library to complement our suite of consumer APIs
  • Data, data, data
  • Third-party integrations
  • An exciting new business rules and workflow engine

We are excited about the growth of our platform, and fintech as a whole, in 2020. We will continue to share our product updates throughout the year. Please subscribe to our blog and follow us on social media to get instant updates. If you would like to get a full look at our 2020 roadmap, please contact our team to learn more! 


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