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Using Cards for Recurring Payments

When you think about a subscription, weekly newspaper delivery or a glossy monthly magazine might come to mind. In recent years, the options available for subscriptions have multiplied. Now, people can subscribe to music services and movie streaming services as well as traditional magazines and newspapers. They can also elect…

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Know Your Customer (KYC) for Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are a popular method for handling money, but they're also subject to misuse. With growing regulations for these cards, Know Your Customer (KYC) and technological developments are critical to card issuers' safety and reputation. Regulations for Prepaid Cards As the world moves away from cash payments for the…

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Prepaid Payroll Cards for Business

Companies have several options for paying their employees, from writing checks to depositing salaries directly into bank accounts. Another option is to issue payroll debit cards to each employee and pay them through the cards. Sometimes called pay cards, reloadable payroll cards can simplify the process of getting paid for…

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Prepaid Cards vs. Gift Cards

"Cash or card?" It's a common question when people are completing a purchase in-person. Depending on the size of the purchase, card is usually the answer. Today's consumer has more options than ever before when paying by card. They can use a credit card, a debit card, a prepaid card, or…

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The Benefits of White Label Prepaid Cards

Today's consumers have more options than ever when it comes to managing their money. Instead of getting paid by check or cash, which they then deposit into a bank account, many people opt to get paid via a reloadable prepaid card. Prepaid cards give people instant access to money. They…

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Company Cards: Credit vs. Prepaid

Company credit cards are a popular option businesses use to manage expenses. With these cards, your business can allow your employees to pay for work-related expenses, such as meals, office supplies, hotel stays, and transportation. However, credit cards also come with some disadvantages that you should consider before you decide…

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Secured Credit vs. Prepaid Cards

Most people learn the basics of personal financial management during adolescence from their parents or through classes at school. These lessons usually include understanding money, creating a budget, and learning the importance of saving. They also probably explained the basic differences between a debit and credit card. However, these lessons…

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5 Benefits of Corporate Debit Cards for Employees

Many owners of small businesses distribute checks or petty cash to employees for normal company expenses. However, with these payment methods, a business is more susceptible to theft and fraud. Fortunately, business prepaid debit cards for employees can help you manage your company's expenses and improve your budgeting. With corporate…

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