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Company Cards: Credit vs. Prepaid

Company credit cards are a popular option businesses use to manage expenses. With these cards, your business can allow your employees to pay for work-related expenses, such as meals, office supplies, hotel stays, and transportation. However, credit cards also come with some disadvantages that you should consider before you decide…

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Secured Credit vs. Prepaid Cards

Most people learn the basics of personal financial management during adolescence from their parents or through classes at school. These lessons usually include understanding money, creating a budget, and learning the importance of saving. They also probably explained the basic differences between a debit and credit card. However, these lessons…

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5 Benefits of Corporate Debit Cards for Employees

Many owners of small businesses distribute checks or petty cash to employees for normal company expenses. However, with these payment methods, a business is more susceptible to theft and fraud. Fortunately, business prepaid debit cards for employees can help you manage your company's expenses and improve your budgeting. With corporate…

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Prepaid Card Programs For Kids

It’s now more important than ever to educate children on the importance of savings. Talking with them at an early age is critical for them to learn financial literacy. 69% of parents gave an allowance to their children (ages 4 –14) in 2019 at an average amount of about $10 a week. These children did…

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Prepaid Card Regulations

What does someone do if they want or need to pay with a card, but they don't have a checking account and don't have the credit history to open a credit card account? What about people who don't want to have access to all their funds with a single swipe…

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What is an E-Money License?

Technological advancements have led to the development and popularity of electronic money (e-money), which is a cashless payment method. Companies that want to offer their clients this service in Europe must obtain an e-money license. If you want to provide a wider range of services to your clients, an e-money…

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3 Common Questions About Prepaid Cards

Here at Hydrogen, we talk with organizations of all sizes and from all over the world about prepaid, debit, and virtual cards on a daily basis. After numerous conversations and countless questions, three questions we get asked on a regular basis are:  Can I use a prepaid card for payroll?Can…

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