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The Benefits of Virtual Cards for E-Commerce

The world is making a massive shift towards digitalization. Today, we shop, socialize, and work from our electronic devices. Personal and business transactions are going digital, so it's time to implement virtual cards for e-commerce payments. E-commerce retailers can use virtual cards to their advantage. This digital payment style is more secure than…

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How a Spend Management Program Can Help Your Business

A business's success starts at the financial level. Business expenses add up, and each avenue of spending affects the available budget, which is why tracking and organizing spending is a crucial practice for any company.  Spend management programs can help businesses stay on top of their spending and devise solutions…

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Introducing: Virtual Cards for Business Payments

We are pleased to release our platform to power virtual cards for business payments. This no-code platform allows our customers to anonymously use virtual cards to send payments for invoices, marketing campaigns, and expenses. Here are some of the amazing features of our new B2B payments platform: Load up to…

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Using Virtual Cards for Health Care Payments

It's no secret that health care in the U.S. is expensive. In 2019, total health care spending was $3.8 trillion, up 4.6% from the year before. While some of that money was spent on the cost of services, much of it was spent on administrative costs, such as payment costs and…

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Benefits of Virtual Cards for Remote Workers

Remote work is becoming more and more popular, with some estimating that 70% of the workforce will be working remotely for at least five days a month by 2025. While remote work itself has paved the way for big changes in the workforce, it's introduced some challenges for accounting needs and spending…

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Common Myths About Virtual Cards for B2B Payments

Your company wants to reduce its costs and improve its cash flow. One way to do that is to embrace affordable, convenient payment technology. Your accounts payable department most likely has multiple invoices to pay various vendors each month. Switching to digital B2B card payments and away from paper-based or…

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Prepaid Payroll Cards for Business

Companies have several options for paying their employees, from writing checks to depositing salaries directly into bank accounts. Another option is to issue payroll debit cards to each employee and pay them through the cards. Sometimes called pay cards, reloadable payroll cards can simplify the process of getting paid for…

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4 Benefits of Virtual Cards

Virtual credit and debit cards are modern alternatives for safe and simple spending. These mobile payment solutions allow users to spend money from their phones instead of using a physical card. Virtual cards are particularly popular with financial service companies looking to gain competitive traction in the industry. However, they…

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