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The Hydrogen Integration Library

The Hydrogen Integration Library

Hydrogen is atomic element #1, the lightest and most essential building block on the planet. The Hydrogen platform has been built to be the ONE single point of integration that developers will ever need. Imagine being able to drag and drop fintech integrations, with the data mapping and orchestration already done for you. This is the future of the Hydrogen platform.

If you are a third-party provider of data, analytics, DeFi, mid or back-office APIs, or regulated services, we want to talk to you about integration! Why integrate with Hydrogen as a third-party company? Here are just a few reasons.

Free Integration

Hydrogen’s integration library is free for you integrate into. We take no fees and do all of the integration work! We simple need access to your documentation, API keys, workflows, and any other applicable pieces of information.

Free Distribution

We only target businesses (who will be the end users of your services) with 1+ million current or potential users (or equivalent revenue for asset based businesses). Just think about how much those users would cost you to acquire on your own!

Free Marketing

Our clients are building game changing financial apps globally. We do joint marketing and PR with integration partners. This includes press releases, speaking engagements, conference marketing, and more!

Free Revenue

Many partners decide to take the relationship a step further and re-sell or refer businesses to Hydrogen. This symbiotic relationship can earn integration partners millions in extra revenue!


Hydrogen is the Global Fintech Enablement Platform
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