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Why Use Hydrogen’s Integration Platform?

Why Use Hydrogen’s Integration Platform?

To build financial applications with the features your customers expect, you need to incorporate data from third-party applications. Integrations simplify life for users and make your product stand out in the competitive fintech landscape. However, integrating with outside services often proves frustrating and time-consuming. Whether you’re developing an app within a large enterprise, or at a small startup, the road to integration presents hurdles at every stage — from technical issues, to difficulties with contract negotiations.

At Hydrogen, we make it easy to integrate our solutions with third-party APIs. Learn more about the benefits of our integration platform and the connections we offer below.

Streamline the Integration Process

Integrating your applications with third-party services shouldn’t put the rest of your development on hold. Unfortunately, the traditional integration process has been notoriously complicated. Before you can add a third-party API to your application, you first need to negotiate a contract with a vendor, which can require many rounds of back-and-forth. After you emerge with an agreement, you will have to get the integration up and running, and spend precious time troubleshooting and contacting the vendor’s support channels when issues occur. To remain competitive, you need to build sophisticated applications quickly and efficiently. Recognizing the need for easier third-party integrations, Hydrogen simplified the process by providing pre-built connections to draw third-party data into your applications using a single API. When you use one of our APIs or no-code solutions, you can add third-party functionality to your application with one click. We even negotiate with vendors for you, so you can focus on what’s important — getting your product to market.

Gain Access to a Wide Range of Vendors

For some companies, getting permission to use third-party data can be challenging. Some vendors ignore or reject companies they deem too small. Hydrogen has established strong business relationships with a wide range of vendors all over the world. This means we can help our clients get pre-approved to work with picky vendors. We can also negotiate wholesale pricing by grouping multiple clients together under one contract, so you can save money when you choose our integration platform.

Some of the vendors we work with include:

  • Plaid: With Plaid, you can create personal financial management and financial wellness apps by connecting to customers’ bank, credit card, loan, and investment accounts.
  • Tink: Similar to Plaid, Tink allows your application to connect with users’ accounts, pulling in useful balance and transaction data in Europe.
  • Zillow: Integrating with Zillow can help your users understand all their assets by providing estimated real estate values.
  • Azure: Microsoft Azure’s cryptography services can help you encrypt sensitive PII to enhance security for your users.

Start Building with Third-Party Integrations

Hydrogen enables businesses to build unique applications quickly using one easy-to-use platform. Whether you’re looking to build your application from the ground up, or customize a white label solution, we can help you integrate your app with a variety of useful third-party services. Start building your application today!


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