Hydrogen Build

Hydrogen Build is a program run for startups looking to build a fintech solution using Hydrogen's platform. Best of all it's free to get started!

Hydrogen Build Features

Product Acceleration - Building on Hydrogen's pre-built data model, business logic, and integrations will save you years of headaches and allow you to focus on growing your business - customer acquisition, hiring, and distribution.

Flexible Pricing - The Build program is made for startups with fair and flexible pricing. It is free to start and you will pay as you go based on usage. After going into production there will be a small monthly minimum that is less than paying one in house engineer!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for a Build license?

Startups looking to build all or part of their core application(s) on Hydrogen. If you already have a large user base and are looking to expand your product, please contact us about our Expand program instead.

How much does the Build license cost?

The license is free to start. You will pay for usage once your application is in production with a monthly minimum based on the number of users or calls (depending on the type of solution).

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