Element is a proprietary design system developed by Hydrogen to help designers and developers visualize digital financial products.

Powerful Prototyping Library

Element features UI components to help you quickly prototype, iterate, and launch financial applications

React Components

React Prototyping - Developers

Easily create interactive web UIs for financial applications with 60+ javascript components built in React.js.

Components include navigations, forms, tabs, buttons, financial charts, lists, tables, cards, icons, dropdowns, and more!

UI Kit

UI Kit - Designers

Download a Sketch UI kit with icons, components, workflows, onboarding, analytics, and dashboards!

The Sketch file includes symbols which make it easy to insert components and create customized layouts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the Element components?

The Element UI Kit and React Components are only available to developers that have access to the Sandbox or Production Hydrogen environments.

How much do the components cost?

They are included in the platform license along with the APIs. You will receive access to them on the developer portal after creating credentials.

Still have questions?

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