Hydrogen Experiment

Hydrogen Experiment is an invite only program built exclusively for Innovation Labs at large corporates globally. This program presents a unique opportunity to access Hydrogen's platform to quickly build PoCs and experiment with new ideas to present to your business teams, 100% free!

Hydrogen Experiment Features

Free Sandbox Environment - Rapidly build, test, and iterate on your experiments in our hosted Sandbox with test data, and no commitment.

Hydrogen Sponsored Hackathon - Our team will work with your developers to organize one Hackathon within your organization per year.

Dedicated Experiment Support - A dedicated Hydrogen scientist will be available to get one of your experiments to market. Sample experiments are listed below:

Open Banking APIs Account Aggregation

Mobile PFM Goals Savings Robo

SMB Cash Flows Blockchain Invoicing

Retirement Planning Tokenization

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for an Experiment license?

Innovation Labs, Digital Labs, Innovation Teams, Blockchain Labs, and other innovation focused organizations within large corporates such as Fortune 500s, financial institutions, and consulting firms.

What is the value of Hydrogen within my lab?

Hydrogen's platform is meant to augment your team's capabilities. Hydrogen will accelerate your team's efforts and allow you to prove value to business owners in a fraction of the cost and time.

How do I get access?

Hydrogen Experiment is an exclusive invite only program run by Hydrogen. If you have not received an invite but think you should be eligible, please contact our sales team.

How much does the Experiment license cost?

The license is forever free for use within your lab in our sandbox environment. Once a solution is commercialized by a business unit in your organization and moved to production, they will sign a paid license.

Is your innovation team interested in Experiment?

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