Blockchain Identity

Manage an identity for any client on the Ethereum blockchain.

All Molecule functionality is anchored in an identity that is created on the blockchain for your users and tied to their Atom data. The best thing is you or your clients never have to interact with the blockchain or deal with cumbersome private keys, everything is managed through Hydrogen APIs!


A wallet is where you can access the keys of your clients to sign blockchain transactions. The wallet is used to receive, store, and send security tokens and crypto currencies. Personally identifiable data will be stored under the Atom Client entity and will be associated with a wallet.

Key Management

All keys will be created through Hydrogen APIs and managed centrally by the application. A wallet key is used to store the public and private key pair associated with a wallet. There are two possible ways of storing this pair, which depends on your firm’s Key Management Server (KMS) integration setup. If your firm has a KMS integration, Molecule will retrieve a wallet’s securely held private key from the KMS and sign transactions. If your firm does not have a KMS integration you can store an address and private key of a wallet in Molecule.

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