Goals Tracking

Track the status of goals and provide recommendations.

Hydrogen's industry leading goals framework supports powerful analysis of both accumulation (e.g.major purchase, savings) and decumulation (e.g. retirement, education) goals for goals based savings and investing applications. View full API reference here.

Goals Data Structure

Assign accounts to firm-wide or client-specific goals and store data over time such as asset sizes, time horizons, goal amounts, and attributes.

Goals Simulations

Run configurable Monte Carlo simulations to project future goal balances to show a client how much they need to contribute to meet their goal.

Goals Tracking

Alert clients if they are on or off track to meet their goals based on configurable confidence levels and settings.

Goals Recommendations

Offer actionable recommendations to update goal settings if clients are off track. This includes increasing the goal time horizon or adding to a one-time or recurring contribution.

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