Identify annuity payments and life insurance needs.

Insurance Quotes

Store coverages, discounts, and quotes to create complex decision trees and onboarding mechanisms to bind a client to an insurance policy.


Analyze both fixed and variable annuities. When planning for retirement or other financial outcomes, a fixed annuity allows an investor to receive a series of payments over a given period of time in the future. Solve for a variety of relevant variables including the annuity amount, the investor’s initial balance, ongoing contributions to the annuity, the accumulation horizon, and the decumulation horizon.

For variable annuities, use our Monte Carlo-based projection to help evaluate potential annuity results and get a better understanding of how a variable annuity product may behave through both the accumulation phase and the payout phase.

Life Insurance Needs

When deciding to purchase life insurance, users face a common question: how much life insurance do I need? While some in the industry rely on broad rules of thumb, we provide a discounted cash flow analysis that returns the life insurance need, a breakdown of expenses by category, and return details broken down by period.

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