Personal Finance

Track budgets, analyze cash flows, and calculate net worth.

Easily provide holistic financial advice to clients using Hydrogen's personal financial management tool set.


Analyze a client's spending patterns against pre-defined budgets over time. This is useful to gain a deeper understanding of how closely a client follows a particular budget. A breakdown of each underlying budget item also provides helpful data to aid clients in staying on track and achieving their budgetary goals.

Cash Flow Analysis

Provide a benchmarked view of a client's cash flows over time, including income, spending, and net cash flow values. This is useful for charting cash flow trends over time, as well as for displaying helpful details about a client's spending habits. Tracking these cash flow values against a benchmark time period allows for insight into how the client’s cash flow situation is changing relative to previous behavior.

Net Worth Analysis

Analyze a client's finances to provide a complete overview of the client’s overall financial situation throughout time, including total assets, total liabilities, and net worth. Additionally, offer a categorical breakdown of where the client’s wealth is positioned.

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