Portfolio Management

Manage securities, investment models, portfolios and goals.

Hydrogen's industry leading portfolio and model management data structure makes it easy to manage hundreds of investment models for millions of clients.


Securities are instruments that can be bought or sold in a portfolio. All Sandbox and Production users can optionally utilize a pre-loaded security master list. Security data that may be stored includes the following:


Each model may hold n number of securities. Examples of a model may include "Cash", "Large Cap Equities" or "Conservative Risk". Any portfolio may be subscribed to n number of models.


Create models that hold other models in an entity defined as an "Allocation." For example, you may want to hold 60% of a US Equity model and 40% of a Fixed Income model, but manage each model and the underlying holdings separately.


A portfolio is assigned to a model which holds securities. An account can hold n number of portfolios. This is useful for things like fee paying accounts where you do not want to hold securities in the portfolio and rebalance to strategic weights.

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