Risk Scoring

Create single or multi-dimension risk scores for clients.

Hydrogen's diverse set of risk profiling tools will help you onboard clients and allocate them to the right financial instruments based on their risk appetite.

Risk Profiles

Create risk profile questionnaire and store risk scores and risk profiles in Nucleus to track changes in risk tolerance over time.

Single and Multi-Dimensional Risk Scoring

Calculate a risk score based on numerical answers to questions that evaluate risk appetite across one or multiple dimensions. Multi-dimensional analysis offers a more robust way to assess risk, as responses can be both strategically weighted and mapped to one or more distinct risk dimensions that are also strategically weighted.

Risk Allocation

Return a portfolio based on an investor’s risk score, drawing from a universe of pre-defined portfolios or a dynamically generated efficient frontier. The risk score is used to conduct a percentile analysis within the portfolio universe. The user is matched to the most suitable allocation, given it’s standard deviation and the user’s risk score.

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