Multi-Factor Authentication Made Better With The Blockchain

Hydro Raindrop was built to protect against phishing, hacking, and illegal attempts to access your clients' data. Hydro has easy to implement APIs and a beautiful mobile app available for your users on Android and iOS. The best part is, the integration is 100% FREE for you and your users!

Why Hydro Raindrop?

Advanced Security - We leverage the power of the public blockchain. This means over 10,000 computers globally are working around the clock to secure your users' identities.

Easy Setup - With our intuitive documentation and simple onboarding, your team can have Raindrop up and running in under an hour.

Cost Savings - Studies show that hacking can cost you up to $150k to combat. Hydro Raindrop is free to implement, and our mobile app is free to download and use.

The Hydro Mobile App

Your users will love our 5 star rated app

After you enable Hydro Raindrop on your site, your users will link their Hydro ID through the Hydro app. With the Hydro mobile app for iOS and Android, your users can easily secure and manage all of their linked accounts.

Ready to implement 2FA?

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