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Cross River is a fast-growing financial services organization that merges the established expertise and traditional services of a bank with the forward-thinking offerings of a technology company. Cross River combines a comprehensive suite of products into a unique banking-as-a-platform solution, encompassing lending, payments and risk management. Cross River partners with leading marketplace lenders and technology companies enabling them to focus on their own growth without hindering innovation, while maintaining a strong focus on compliance.


1. To get started, you'll first need to be approved by Cross River Bank. A Hydrogen representative will help you get pre-qualified after completing our interactive onboarding process.

2. Once approved, you can enter your Cross River OAuth client_id (under ID/Key Name) and client_password (under Password/Key Value), as well as your partnerID (under Public Key) into Hydrogen's Integrations Admin under the "Credentials" tab. You will also need to obtain a unique Product ID for your checking account, savings, and wallet accounts (if applicable) which can be entered under the "BaaS" settings tab.

Client Creation

All clients must first be created in Hydrogen Nucleus through the POST /nucleus/v1/client service. We recommend using the Cross River onboarding mobile responsive UI that is offered by Hydrogen which will collect the data necessary in Nucleus to open the account. If you do not wish to use our UI we can send you the requirements instead. After creating the client in Nucleus, we can now do so at the vendor through the integration service below:

POST /integration/v1/baas/client

      nucleus_client_id: '<nucleus_client_id>', 
      electron_document_id: '[<electron_document_id]>]' 


The default integration will assume that you are doing your own KYC of the client before client creation at Cross River. This will need to be approved by Cross River before proceeding. We currently support document image and identity verification through vendors Onfido and IDology if you do your own KYC.

Account Creation

All accounts must first be created in Hydrogen Account through the POST /nucleus/v1/account service. Under each account you will then create a Hydrogen Portfolio through the POST /nucleus/v1/portfolio service. A portfolio will hold all of the balances and transactions for the master account. After creating the account and portfolio in Nucleus, we can now do so at the vendor through the integration service below:

POST /integration/v1/baas/account

      nucleus_client_id: '<nucleus_client_id>', 
      nucleus_account_id: '<nucleus_account_id>', 
      electron_document_id: '[<electron_document_id]>]' 

Subaccount Creation

One of the unique features of Cross River is the ability to create subaccounts or "subledgers" under a master account. Each subledger will have a unique account_number and its own transactions and balance. These will also be aggregated at the master account level. If you only wish to have one portfolio for the master account then you do not need to utilize the subaccount service. Subaccounts are a great feature for solutions such as goals based savings where you want to directly fund a goal to a provisioned account number.

Subaccounts are created as "portfolios" under an account in Hydrogen Portfolio. You can then easily pass in the nucleus_portfolio_id to the integration service below:

POST /integration/v1/baas/subaccount

      nucleus_client_id: '<nucleus_client_id>', 
      nucleus_account_id: '<nucleus_account_id>', 
      nucleus_portfolio_id: '<nucleus_portfolio_id>]' 


All cards must first be created in Hydrogen Nucleus through the POST /nucleus/v1/card service. Minimal details should be provided. Once the card is issued by Cross River, the integration service will update the card details including the last 4 digits of the PAN and the expiry date. We do not store full account numbers in our API.


The following events will automatically be pulled by the Hydrogen integration service and stored in Nucleus for consumption:

  • Client Status
  • Account Status
  • Card Status
  • Transactions
  • Balances

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*Cross River is a technology integration on the Hydrogen platform. There is no implied partnership or company affiliation unless otherwise stated.

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