Onfido Integration

Instantly perform KYC on your Hydrogen clients

Onfido offers KYC for both individual and business identities and document verification.


To get started, you'll first need to sign up for Onfido here and get your credentials.

Once obtained, you can enter the user name (under ID/Key Name) and password (under Password/Key Value) along with the rest of the setup for Onfido into Hydrogen's Integrations Admin.


Identity Verification

Once you have your Onfido credentials entered, you can now begin performing KYC on your end users. Before performing a KYC, you will need to ensure that the end user's personal details are stored in Nucleus /client.

We will submit all PII data such as name, DOB, address, and identification number that is stored in Nucleus for the client. At a minimum, the client_id should include the following information for Onfido to perform a verification:

  • first_name
  • last_name
  • date_of_birth

  • If you collect other information on the client in Nucleus, and wish to submit it to Onfido for verification (e.g. address, SSN etc.), you can select the data on the Integration Settings.

    Once your client is created in Nucleus, you may pass that client_id to the integration service, which will submit the user's information to Onfido. Please include the `kyc_type` as "iv" to perform the basic identity verification.

    POST /integration/v1/kyc

    Sample Request

        "nucleus_client_id": "<nucleus_client_id>",
        "product": "atom",
        "kyc_type": "iv"

    Alternatively, if you selected the option in the Integration Admin settings to automatically KYC when you create a client, then you can bypass this call and the user will automatically be sent for verification when created in Nucleus via POST /client.

    If the KYC returns as a match the is_verified flag will be set to "true" in Nucleus /client.

    Document Number Verification

    Onfido does not support document number verification in their APIs. You will not be able to choose Onfido for "doc_number" verification in the Integration Settings, nor will you be able to submit document number details that are stored.

    Document Image Verification

    To perform verification of a document image, you must first store the images within an Electron document_id. The following data will be pulled from the document stored and submitted to Onfido:

  • doc_type: valid types are "passport", "drivers_license", "id_card"
  • doc_image_front
  • doc_image_back

  • Once your document is created in Electron, you may pass that document_id to the integration service, which will submit the document's encoded image data to Onfido. Please include the `kyc_type` as "doc_image" to perform the document image verification.

    POST /integration/v1/kyc

    Sample Request

        "nucleus_client_id": "<nucleus_client_id>",
        "electron_document_id": "<electron_document_id>",
        "product": "atom",
        "kyc_type": "doc_image"

    If the KYC returns as a match the is_verified flag will be set to "true" in Electron /document.

    KYC Status

    Each KYC performed will be stored as a receipt in Hydrogen. If you need to access the receipts, you can do so by using the following endpoint:

    GET /integration/v1/kyc_status/{nucleus_client_id}

    If you wish to only retrieve the latest receipt, you can use the following parameter:

    GET /integration/v1/kyc_status/{nucleus_client_id}?get_latest=true

    To filter the receipts only by a specific KYC type, you can use the following parameter:

    GET /integration/v1/kyc_status/{nucleus_client_id}?kyc_type=[iv][doc_number][doc_image]

    *Onfido is a technology integration on the Hydrogen platform. There is no implied partnership or company affiliation unless otherwise stated.

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