Hydrogen Payments

We have robust APIs with data infrastructure and business logic needed for ACH, wires, and RTP.

Payments Simplified

Hydrogen offers any company the ability to instantly add white labeled no-code components for Real-Time Payments (RTP) and Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments.

Quick Setup

Quick Setup

Creating a payments program takes months to get all licensing and approvals in place. With Hydrogen, get started in just a few days.

White Label Design

White Label Design

Keep your brand top of mind every time users transfer money. Add branding to the components, including your colors and logo.

Huge Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Hydrogen passes through wholesale pricing from our payments and banking partners, saving you on every transaction.

No-Code Apps

No-Code Apps

Quickly get to market with fully configurable no-code components for web and mobile. All fund flows are already approved.



We pass through our crime and financial insurance to protect against fraud, a cost savings of $50k+ per year.

SOC 2 Compliance

SOC 2 Compliance

We pass through our SOC 2 data security and compliance, a cost savings of $100k+ per year for most companies.

No-Code Applications

Configure small standalone embeddable components with your colors, logo, fonts, and style. All components can be embedded with HTML or JS, and connected to client data!


Embeddable Components

  • Client KYC
  • Wallet
  • Bank Links
  • Peer to Peer (P2P) Money Movement
  • Me to Me (M2M) Money Movement
  • Consumer to Business (P2B) Money Movement




Hydrogen embeddable components can be placed in any website or mobile app with just a few lines of code!



Hydrogen has done the data orchestration work needed to power the components. No PhD in fintech, CFA, or CPA needed.



Easy configurations are available to fit your brand, including logos, colors, fonts, styles, and features.

Beautiful UI

Beautiful UI

Use Hydrogen’s no-code editor to design your debit cards in a sleek style that fits your company or branding needs.

Use Cases

Hydrogen Payments is used by financial companies, tech companies, and SMBs, to embed payments into applications without needing to become a licensed processor, MSB, or payments provider.


Peer to Peer

  • Send Money to Friends/Family
  • Request Money from Friends/Family
  • Lenders

    Me to Me

  • Move Between Two Accounts
  • Roundups & Overflows
  • Accountants

    Consumer to Business

  • Pay a SMB/Contractor
  • Donate to a Cause
  • Collect Payments
  • Advisors


  • Disburse to Checking
  • Disburse to Savings
  • Real-Time Disbursements
  • Brokers & Agents

    Fintech App Features

  • Round-Ups
  • Balance Transfers
  • Recurring Deposits
  • SMB Platforms

    Tech App Features

  • Tips and Gratuity
  • Split Bills
  • USD Wallet
  • Payments Preview

    View a demo of a white label Payments component!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    In which plan can I receive Hydrogen Payments?

    Hydrogen Payments is available in the Build, Expand, and Transform plans.

    Do I have to be a developer to embed the components?

    No! You just need basic technical skills. We provide you with a short guide on your dashboard.

    How configurable are the no-code components?

    Very! You can change the logo, colors, style, features, buttons, and data sources.

    Does Hydrogen offer a full white label payments app?

    No. We only offer embeddable components.

    Are third-party vendor costs included in the price?

    Yes, we bundle the API costs from any payments processors or providers in the cost.

    Do I need any regulatory licensing to embed Hydrogen Payments?

    No. Hydrogen includes all regulatory licensing inside the no-code applications.

    Still have questions?

    Coming Soon

    Embed payment components in minutes with Hydrogen

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