Build Your Fintech in Partnership With Hydrogen

We open our bundled platform to extraordinary companies to power fintech.


Monthly platform fee + optional equity stake

✓ One Bundled Contract Includes All Fees & 3rd Parties
✓ No 3rd Party Integration Development Needed
✓ Full Admin Portal With Controls, Admins, Analytics
✓ Managed Fraud & AML Engine
✓ Configurable Web & Mobile UI Libary
✓ Custom Bank Approvals (if required)

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Secure platform

Enterprise Grade Security

Hydrogen has spent years building a best in class security framework, including both SOC2 and PCI compliance.

Robust documentation

Robust Admin Portal

Hydrogen gives you the admin tools you need on day one, including KYC, spending controls, card operations, anti-fraud and more.


Compliance, Insurance, Anti-Fraud

Hydrogen takes on the compliance and insurance requirements that would typically cost you millions of dollars.


No-Code Platform

Configure web components, mobile webViews, white label web apps and mobile apps with our beautiful no-code editor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the monthly fee include all costs?

Yes, the pricing includes all upfront and ongoing costs to you! This includes program setup, physical card printing and shipping, virtual card issuance, wallet tokenization, maintenance fees, monthly fees, purchase fees, inactivity fees, technology fees, ACH, direct deposit, bank auth, balance checks, data cleansing, rewards programs, no-codes, analytics, anti-fraud, customer support, and all 3rd party vendor costs. To view any auxiliary cardholder fees not covered in this price, please see our standard cardholder agreement.

Can I only use one product on the platform?

Yes! Depending on your use case, you may choose to only use one of our products or all of them. All products are run on the same set of APIs and platform with a standardized data model and integration library.

Does Hydrogen always take an equity stake?

No! We like to to take equity to align us as a long term partner vs. a pure technology vendor, but you may contract with us 100% monetarily.

In which countries can I use Hydrogen?

Hydrogen as a program manager on debit programs is currently only available in the United States. If you are outside of the U.S., limited features of our platform can be used. Please contact us for more details.

How long are the contract terms?

All plans have a 1-year minimum, with incentives for 2+ years.

How am I billed?

You will be invoiced monthly and billed to your payment method on file. We will pull from your linked banked account via ACH.

Still have questions?

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