Flexible pricing for companies of all sizes

Whether you're a large enterprise or a startup, we have a plan for everyone.

Free To Start
Built for developers & startups
Pay as you go
Free sandbox
Hydrogen hosted
Self service
DIY implementations
Custom Pricing
Built for small-medium enterprises
Yearly license
Free sandbox
Hydrogen or Client hosted
Light service
Light implementations
Admin, UI, Business Intelligence
Custom Pricing
Large Enterprise
Built for large enterprises
Yearly license
Free sandbox
Client hosted
Full service
Heavy implementations
Admin, UI, Business Intelligence

Included in every plan:

Secure platform

Hydrogen uses enterprise grade encryption and SSL, and routinely performs vulnerability and penetration tests on its APIs.

Robust documentation

Our documentation includes user guides, workflows, sample apps, client libraries, and detailed instructions to get you started.

Global access

The Hydrogen APIs can be used in any geography, language, or currency around the globe. Deploy in multiple countries concurrently.

Sandbox for testing

Access our hosted sandbox where you can build applications and test our APIs before committing to a production release.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should be using each plan?

Developer: Developers and startups (<100 employees)
Enterprise: Small to medium enterprises, including regional banks, credit unions, and established startups.
Large Enterprise: Large enterprises, including Fortune 500 financial institutions, and global conglomerates.

Is the Developer plan really free?

It is free to start. There is no upfront platform fee and you will pay as you add users. This plan is made for developers and startups with limited support needs, who want to get up and running quickly without large overhead costs.

Do you work with companies outside the US?

Yes! Many of the companies building on Hydrogen are outside the US. In fact, our platform will work in any geography, language, or currency. We plan to have platforms built in over 100 countries on top of Hydrogen within the next few years.

How long are the contracts?

Developer: You will pay for usage. There are no long-term contracts.
Enterprise: Contract terms of 1 year or more are required.
Large Enterprise: Contract terms of 3 years or more are required.

Will you help us implement our solution?

Developer: This is self-service. You will be responsible for doing your own implementation, or coordinating with a third-party.
Enterprise: You get access to our professional services group and easily configurable widgets that you can use in your application.
Large Enterprise: You get access to our professional services group and third-party integration partners globally, along with workshops, PoCs, and Pilots.

I am an enterprise, which plan should I choose?

Which one of these best describes your company?

- Small infrastructure with lighter configuration needs for elements built on top of the APIs. Use our Enterprise plan.
- Complex infrastructure with heavier configuration needs for elements built on top of the APIs, often across many different applications, or in multiple countries. Use our Large Enterprise plan.

What hosting options do you provide?

Please see our hosting options explained here.

Still have questions?